Mobile Loyalty Love and Affection

Mobile loyalty delights!!      I had a birthday the other week, and some of the best gifts came from the mobile loyalty programs that I participate in.  Briefly, freebies came tumbling from the heavens and for an instant I felt loved and appreciated by mega-retailers, including Starbucks, Panera, DQ and First Watch.   Coupons for free items or discounts showed up in my email and snail mail (USPS), like glorious little bonuses, arriving at different times, and in varying manners. They were like small but sincere compliments that were unexpected and therefore, surprisingly well felt.

    How well did I make out? The total value was probably about twenty five dollars, but more importantly, it was the fun of visiting four different food places and getting something for nothing, but their appreciation of my loyalty to their chains.   The four different vists were spread out over three weeks, allowing my birthday glow to linger longer than usual.

     I was notified by Panera via email, that a mobile loyalty gift was waiting for me when I next ate there.  I was quite surprised though, when I arrived and was informed that I had a free “you pick two” gift. A You-pick-two is a salad and soup combination – like a “chose one from column A and one from column B”  Well, Panera salads are terrific and this gift was worth about $9.  I eat at Panera at least three times a week, so my spending there is very consistent.  Thanks for noticing, Panera.

    Dairy Queen (DQ) gave me a BOGO (buy-one get-one) for a Blizzard.  A Blizzard is blended mix of soft ice cream and a filling or two – like Oreo cookies, Heath Bar & cappuccino, Butterfinger etc. I shared that one with my son.

     Starbucks sent me a coupon in the mail (a nice change!)  for a free beverage of my choice. First Watch, breakfast and lunch place, emailed me a coupon for a free entree. Not too shabby!

    Now, normally I loathe carrying around more keytags in my pocket, but you can bet I’ll be signing up for more mobile loyalty programs next year.

    Of course , Christmas is coming, perhaps I should expect something then too? 

   Noticeably absent: vendors who do get a fair amount of business from me and whose loyalty cards I carry:  Staples, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple (how many songs and apps have we all bought this last year for our iPads?) and  Buffalo Wild Wings – (helloooo b-dubs- anybody home? I visited your stores at least thirty times last year).  Let’s get with the loyalty program.    Also not showing the love, or appreciation for my loyalty – Jos. A Bank, or any small local vendors (my bike shop could have offered a free tune/lube!) 

  Does anyone has a mobile loyalty story to share?  Are you getting your share of mobile love and affection? 

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