Mobile Payments Expand: Digital Dining Integrates With Tabbedout


While mobile payments continue growing dramatically, especially in the retail space, many hospitality businesses still lack the ability to integrate mobile apps with existing point-of-sale systems (POS). Until just recently.

Digital Dining POS, a leading developer of hospitality POS software, plans the 2Q 2012 integration of Tabbedout, a mobile payment app, with their existing software. Designed to allow customers to open, view, and pay bar and restaurant tabs with their smart phones, Tabbedout can now be deployed without additional hardware.

Establishments currently using or considering a Digital Dining POS system will need just a simple software update to harness the power of the mobile app. And Tabbedout means more security and freedom for customers and less time worrying about payments for hospitality staff.

An industry veteran, value-added reseller Future POS has been working with developers at Tabbedout for several years, ensuring the smooth integration with their POS software.

“When we met Rick Orr from Tabbedout in 2009, it was obvious that he had something special, and that his company was going places,” John Giles of Future POS said. “We immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with such a forward thinking company on something that was truly revolutionary. After deploying dozens and dozens of Tabbedout capable installs in 2009-2010, (even) the (hospitality) industry took notice.”

Tabbedout:  How the mobile payments app works

Available for both iOS and Android operating systems, customers simply download the app to their phone and complete a short registration process to get started. Rather than pulling out a credit card, the consumer opens a tab on their phone, and the encrypted information is sent directly to the restaurant’s POS system.

Then it’s a matter of showing a unique code on the phone to a server and they select the matching code from the restaurant POS system. Customers never have to surrender their credit card, and even if the phone is lost, the credit card data is never at risk.

On the merchant side, adding mobile payments using Tabbedout is mostly business as usual, and it incorporates protection against customers leaving before settling a tab, since the payment information is passed to the restaurant POS software at the beginning of the transaction.

With more than 100 million consumers in the United States using smart phones and mobile apps, integrating this technology with restaurant POS software means more and more options for restaurant and bar owners.

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