Mobile Planning Guide For Grocers Shows How Shoppers Want To Interact

     Report Shows How Grocers Can Overcome Underperforming Apps for Increased Loyalty & Traffic 

BOCA RATON, Fla. – (November 17, 2016) – 3Cinteractive (3C), a leading provider of mobile marketing services, today unveiled its 2017 Mobile Planning Guide For Grocers, which identifies key trends where grocers and marketers should place their focus on mobile initiatives in 2017. Click here to download the report.

Grocers have been increasingly investing in mobile over the past few years. But what are the expectations of shoppers when it comes to the mobile experience? 3C presented an online survey in front of more than 500 grocer marketers and customers during October to find out if there is a disconnect between the directions grocers are headed, and the experience consumers are looking for.

The Need For An “App-Plus” Strategy

Apps have become a primary mobile strategy for many grocers. However, the survey uncovered that over half of customers polled (56%) said they only use one or two grocer apps on a regular basis, despite the majority saying they downloaded as many as four apps to their smartphone. In response, grocers would be wise to leverage an SMS strategy as a way to continue to reach smartphone users even after app notifications have been turned off.

Mobile Increases Coupon Redemption…And Traffic

What’s the effect of mobile coupons? An impressive, 75% of customers polled say mobile coupons have some influence on where they shop. What’s more is that 78% of customers say that mobile-enables coupon programs would influence more visits , more spend and reomendations to friends. Unfortunately, 25% of grocer marketers continue to lag behind in mobile investments such as couponing because they lack the IT skillset to make the necessary integrations.

How To Make Mobile Loyalty More Effective

According to Brain, returning guests spend on average 67% more than first-time customers. Couple this with the fact that a recent Mobile Loyalty Survey from 3C also showed that loyalty programs are key to the mobile experience. However, 70% of shoppers said they do not sign up for loyalty programs because of the inconvenience of the sign-up process. In the same survey, 72% of customers said they would sign up for a loyalty program if the process was simplified by text message. What’s more, text message (48%) is the most effective form of notification of loyalty communications compared with email (22%) and app notifications (20%).

The 3C 2017 Mobile Planning Guide For Grocers can be accessed by clicking here.

About 3C

Driven by a team with dynamic technical and strategic expertise, 3C empowers leading brands and retailers to develop deeper, more valuable relationships with their customers. Through its mobile marketing services, 3C extends the connection between customers and brands, driving increased loyalty, brand awareness, and results.

Leveraging 3C’s expertise connecting mobile to business results and its Switchblade™ platform’s multichannel capabilities—including SMS and MMS, mobile coupons, mobile wallet, mobile web, location based services and more—marketers can deliver timely, relevant engagements at the moment of need.

3C is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL with offices in Montevideo, Uruguay and Eugene, Oregon and is a long-standing member of the CTIA and Mobile Marketing Association. To learn more, visit

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