Mobile Point of Sale for Restaurants, on iPodTouch and iPhone devices.

Restaurant Pro Express Mobile


MobiMagic(tm) allows restaurant staff to take orders, process payments, and print receipts with a sleek handheld mobile device.

As you may have heard, the place to be this week is Orlando, at the RSPA RetailNOW Convention, the largest annual expo for the retail & POS industry.  If you are lucky enough to be there, you might want to check out booth #813, where pcAmerica will debut the new Restaurant Pro Express Mobile, based on the MobiMagic platform.  If you aren’t there, then read this article and find out what you’re missing. The new mobile point of sale solution was created for the restaurant and hospitality environments and works on an Apple® iPod touch® or iPhone®.  It is a prime example of how mobile computing is revolutionizing the point of sale industry.

A leading developer of point of sale software for retail, restaurant, and fuel, pcAmerica has now made it possible for restaurant staff to have all the functionality of their Restaurant Pro Express point of sale software, quite literally in the palm of their hand.  Packaged in the elegant Apple iPod Touch, or iPhone, no less.  The product will be available by the end of summer, and pcAmerica is promising future releases for Android mobile devices.

This sleek solution is not only stylish and simple to use, but powerfully functional.  The mobile version integrates with the traditional Restaurant Pro Express, offering live connection to the existing menu and point of sale system.  It supports menu variations such as happy hour pricing, discounts, and taxation. The mobile version of Restaurant Pro Express synchronizes in real time with the traditional version so that open tabs can be viewed and changed at either the mobile or stationary POS terminals, without causing confusion.

The mobile POS solution allows servers to take tableside orders, split checks, and process credit card payments on the spot (securely withRestaurant Pro Express Mobile screenshot the attached encrypted credit card reader).  Receipts can easily be printed with Epson’s Mobilink™ wireless mobile printer, or if customers prefer a paperless option, receipts can be instantly emailed.  This streamlines the ordering process, reduces wait time, increases table turnover, and makes orders more accurate.  Rather than running back and forth, staff will have more focused time with each table.  The mobile solution can even prompt serving staff to upsell or cross-sell, which can increase revenue.

With Restaurant Pro Express Mobile, orders can easily be taken at outside seating areas.  The solution also allows messages to be sent to each server on the mobile POS device, making communication more streamlined and efficient. 

David Gosman, CEO of pcAmerica, sums up why the new product is so appealing to restaurant owners.  “Mobile POS is gaining in popularity because it offers the functionality of a traditional point of sale package in an affordable unit that fits into your pocket.  The appeal of this package is undeniable: less waiting means a higher table turnover, accurate orders every time and the ability to securely pay for a meal without the credit card ever leaving the table. We anticipate that Restaurant Pro Express Mobile will become one of our most popular POS solutions as our clients decide to make the switch to this cutting edge technology.”

Restaurant Pro Express MobileIndeed, the benefits of mobile POS are easy to recognize, as more and more restaurant owners are starting to see.  Having the ability to take tableside orders and payments saves precious time, and also reduces the chance for errors.  Servers will not be as rushed, giving customers more focused attention.  And with the extra attention, and fewer mistakes, the customers will likely be more open and responsive to the experience.   

About pcAmerica

pcAmerica provides computerized point of sale solutions to the retail, restaurant, fuel and hospitality industries. The company’s award winning software packages, Restaurant Pro Express, Cash Register Express and Cash Register Express– Fuel Edition are used by more than 50,000 clients worldwide. Headquartered in Pearl River, New York, pcAmerica is a division of Automation Inc.


About MobiMagic(tm)

MobiMagic is a new software platform offering existing Point of sale software developers a seamless integration path to the next generation of mobile software and hardware.  Visit their site here



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