Mobile POS Helps Moosejaw Break Barriers Between Staff and Customers

Mobile POS moosejaw

Moosejaw, a retailer of winter clothing and outdoor adventure equipment, has introduced a Point of Sale (POS) solution for floor transactions. What’s unique about this approach is its mobility. Staff throughout the Midwest stores, using their mobile Apple iPod, can serve customers instantly through checkout, price checking and inventory management, thus quickening the sale transaction, immediately responding to customer questions, providing information on specials and coupons, and addressing other customer service issues.

“With the mobile POS, our associates have the whole enterprise in their pocket as they work with customers,” Eoin Comerford, senior vice president of marketing and technology, Moosejaw said. “Inventory can be checked easily. Payments are taken quickly. Receipts can be printed in store or e-mailed. Service is delivered more efficiently on the store floor and without long lines, ultimately equating to more sales.”

Moosejaw brings a quirky sense of humor to its retailing approach, and has amassed a strong customer base. The company is among the first of its size to embrace mobile POS technology, joining well-known and considerably larger brands such as Apple, Old Navy, Nordstrom and Home Depot.

The technology behind this solution comes from CrossView, which integrates a Linea Pro magnetic strip reader and barcode scanner into the company’s Cross-Channel Commerce platform.

“This is the next logical step in removing barriers between our customers and staff,” Comerford said in a company press release. “Creating that close connection with customers online and in stores is a big part of our brand, and the CrossView Mobile POS plays to that strength.”

“Mobile POS will gain momentum in 2012,” explained Jason Goldberg, VP of Strategy and Customer Experience at CrossView. “It’s a tremendous growth opportunity for retailers like Moosejaw that are forward-thinking and committed to creating a better customer experience.”

“We will see mobile POS platforms shift from basic payment processing to sales assistance tools”, he continued. “Let’s call it ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ interaction between sales and customers. By this time next year, even more consumers will walk into stores with smartphones, so retailers will need to equip salespeople with tools like iPads to be able to compete with all of the information that shoppers have access to on their own.”

About CrossView

CrossView is a provider of cross-channel commerce solutions and services that enable a smarter, more personalized shopping experience. The software unifies Web, stores, call centers, mobile devices, and other channels on a single, flexible platform. Advanced analytics integrated across the platform deliver intelligence and visibility into buying behaviors across all sales channels.

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