Mobile Printers bring Power, Flexibility, and Cost Savings to Retailers

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Yesterday’s luxuries are today’s essentials. When mobile printers first came on the scene, retailers viewed them an accessory that’d be nice to have but weren’t necessary: like the earliest cell phones, they were accessories of indulgence. My, how quickly times have changed—even today’s run-of-the-mill mobile phone comes equipped with a camera and Internet capabilities. Likewise, today’s mobile printers have become increasingly sophisticated with their abilities to connect to wireless networks, process payments, and print, of course. In today’s marketplace, mobile printing has become an integral component for any retailer on a quest to increase productivity, precision, and performance speed.

By granting users the ability to print out materials on the spot, mobile printers provide businesses with the flexibility necessary to succeed in an increasingly mobile marketplace and ultimately change the game at the point of sale.  Recent studies have shown that consumers prefer mobile POS systems in both retail and the hospitality markets. 

When you transition from stationary printing to mobile printing, you automatically begin to see tangible cost savings, especially when using a mobile thermal printer: a four-inch mobile printer uses less paper than the standard 8.5 x 11-inch form, and thermal technology is more cost-effective than traditional printing. Using mobile printers allows you to streamline your system and accelerate your processes, all of which leads to the perfect domino effect of benefits for retailers. It all begins with saving time. Mobile printers eliminate the need to make repeated trips to a stationary printer, which can save business hours a month (or even hours a week). Mobile printing also removes the need for handwritten paperwork since it automates the way you provide crucial items like receipts, invoices, estimates, work orders—it even simplifies how you capture signatures, which results in fewer disputes and better customer satisfaction.

Printing on demand also reduces the likelihood of inputting incorrect information, which leads to reduction in errors and increased accuracy (which once again saves time). When employees don’t need to spend time writing up business materials, they can spend their time more productively, which increases efficiency, and when retailers save time and increase efficiency, they save money.

Many mobile printers on the market are now compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices to assist in faster transactions and processes. Companies who design and manufacture mobile printers have created solutions to help retailers enhance performance by saving time and money.

For example, Epson sought to provide an all-in-one solution for mobile and web-based printing and device management. Epson’s ePOS print solutions are available in all of Epson’s latest POS printers. ePOS-Print Technology allows POS applications to print directly to receipt printers from any mobile device while ePOS-Device Technology enables Epson printers to serve as the connectivity hub for mobile and cloud/browser-based POS and peripherals. In addition, ESC/POS eliminates the need to develop programs for printers in each system, enabling retailers to choose the printer that best meets their needs. With ESC/POS, you can use EpsonTM series printers to link to different POS systems and it offers commands for mechanical, hardware and software extension, making it easy to expand POS systems with new functions and increasing flexibility.

Among its mobile printing solutions, Epson offers a small, yet rugged and durable solution in mind when they designed the Mobilink P60II 2” Mobile Receipt/Label Printer, which is touted as one of the smallest mobile printers on the market with the longest-lasting battery life—up to 46 hours—and has the highest printing speed in its class.

Bixolon’s SPP-R300 is a convenient 3-inch, rugged mobile printing solution that can be used across a span of industries. Designed for versatility, it provides a range of connectivity options (WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.) and allows users to switch from receipt to label printing with one simple switch. bixolon spp r300A one-touch cover is easy to open and simple for drop-in paper loading. The device comes with optional linerless label printing.  The printer features enhanced printing of fonts, graphics, and barcode symbologies. The company offers another versatile mobile solution in the SPP-R200III, a 2-inch thermal mobile printer that is best intended for queue busting, delivery note & receipt issuing, and mobile ticketing. Compatible with all major operating systems, the printer supports continuous printing (10 rolls 40 mm diameter paper) and lasts a full 24 hours once fully charged.  The same company also provides the SPP-R210, which is a compact mobile printing solution flexible enough to be used across an array of businesses as the printer features mobile queue busting from QSR to full service restaurants and mobile receipt, coupon, ticket issuing across all areas of your workforce, both inside and outside the four walls. Bixolon also offers a wide range of carrying and charging accessories in a variety of colors to accompany their mobile printers.

infinite peripheralsInfinite Peripherals delivers value and convenience for multiple mobile printing needs, including POS receipts, coupons, lab results, and labels. The DPP printer line comes to mind as a fully portable, comprehensive mobile printing solution when used in conjunction with mobile devices and software applications. Specifically, the DPP-450 model is a 4” battery-operated thermal mobile printer that prints at 150mms/second. The DPP-450 includes a label gap sensor, LCD display, label peeler, and a Bluetooth option. All models in the DPP line come equipped with an integrated belt clip.

brotherBrother Mobile’s aptly named Rugged 3 series is ideal for any business or company that requires mobile printing solutions in non-traditional settings (although the printers work well for standard office enivronments, too!) The printers, with IP54 certification, are able to withstand elements such as dust and moisture and come with six-foot drop protection.   The versatility of use provided by the tough construction and bones of the printers extends to their functionality.  Users you can print from iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Mobile, or Apple AirPrint. Additionally, you can choose the width of your receipts and labels from 1-3 inches, so user only have to use one mobile printer for various mobile applications.  Thanks to ZPL II and CPCL emulations, the Rugged 3 printers can also function as drop-in replacements for many popular mobile printers when the existing application cannot be modified. Another feature that makes the Rugged 3 series unique is the large color LCD display with interactive menus and graphical instructions.

If it all sounds specific and detailed, that’s because it is—designed to be just so in order to keep up with the nature of today’s fast pace. If you haven’t yet made the transition to mobile printing, consider adopting the new technology:  it’s no longer a want on a wish list; it’s a need on your improving-your-business list.


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