MobileBytes Introduces Mobile Payment Options for Table and Counter Service #RetailNOW

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The POS for iPad System also announces Above Store Reporting, and Universal API during RSPA RetailNOW 2017 Trade Show

PHOENIX (Aug. 7, 2017) – Point of Sale (POS) for iPad system MobileBytes launched mobile payment options for counter and table service restaurants and announced two additional major new features during the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) 2017 RetailNOW show.

Mobile payment options Scan-to-Pay and Skip-the-Line, Above Store Reporting, and Universal API were all announced during a MobileBytes Reseller Partner Event at RetailNOW on Mon., Aug. 7.  

“The goal at MobileBytes is to provide restaurateurs with a POS system that helps manage their business and that makes them money,” said MobileBytes CEO Dan Calderone. “Mobile payment is a nationwide trend that can cut down on table turn times and increase revenue for restaurants.”

A National Restaurant Association study found that nearly 40 percent of customers would use mobile payments in a restaurant if the service was available.

MobileBytes now has two mobile payment options included in its powerful suite of features, at no additional cost. They include:


Studies show restaurants are able to turn tables up to 15 percent faster when customers pay with their mobile phone. Scan-to-Pay was created specifically to help restaurants turn tables more quickly without the added cost of a third party mobile payments provider.

Using Scan-to-Pay is easy. Restaurants can turn on the feature with the touch of a button. A QR code is then printed on the bottom of every meal ticket the restaurant provides to its guests, who in turn use the MobileBytes app to scan the code, add a tip, and pay their tab. The restaurant and server are immediately notified through their MobileBytes POS system when a bill has been settled through Scan-to-Pay.


Perfect for popular counter service restaurants, Skip-the-Line allows customers to place their order and pay for their meal directly through an app when they arrive at a restaurant, effectively skipping the line.

Customers who have downloaded the MobileBytes app, will be prompted to use Skip-the-Line as soon as they enter a participating restaurant.

Orders are stored in the app, allowing the customer to select a previous order in one touch. Or, customers can start an order from scratch. Once the order is complete, customers are prompted to pay through the app.

Orders are submitted directly into the restaurant’s POS system, so the kitchen can begin preparing the order immediately, saving both the customer and the restaurant time.

Neither Scan-to-Pay nor Skip-the-Line store credit card data. Instead, encrypted tokens are used to make guests’ card data secure. This allows a guest to reuse their credit card for future transactions without needing to re-enter their card number, thereby decreasing payment time to 10 seconds or less.

At participating restaurants, Scan-to-Pay and Skip-the-Line provide guests the added benefit of earning points. The MobileBytes loyalty system keeps track of visits and allows the user to automatically earn rewards after enough points have been accrued.  

Built to work specifically with the MobileBytes POS system, Scan-to-Pay and Skip-the-Line create a seamless payment process that erases the glitches or nonconformities that can come from adding someone else’s mobile payment application to a POS.

Additional features announced during the 2017 RetailNOW show include:

Above Store Reporting

Above Store reporting will provide multi-unit restaurant operators with advanced reporting and management tools. Owners will be able to compare and contrast important sales and operational metrics from all locations, giving them the opportunity to spot market trends and to identify and work with underperforming stores. Built-in tools allow for drill-down detail all the way to source tickets.

Multi-unit operations typically receive enterprise data from third party partners who aggregate information from all of a restaurant’s locations. MobileBytes is making enterprise reporting a native feature that will be available to any MobileBytes user at no extra charge.

Universal API

Universal API is a set of software development tools which allow third party integrators access to data for specific MobileBytes restaurant locations. This access means developers from any authorized integration partner can automate the process of extracting POS data. Third party integrators can use the API to enhance the capabilities for restaurants beyond the scope of what’s possible with the POS system alone.

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