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Last week I reviewed two mobile POS applications, Registroid™ and Square, in order to show the benefits that mobile apps can offer your business. I’ve recently discovered two more I feel are worthy of a brief overview: Charge Anywhere and MerchantWare Mobile.

Charge Anywhere is an award-winning app with over 5,000 downloads and a 4 ½ star rating, and like Registroid™ and Square, it can be easily and quickly downloaded from the Internet to your Android device, iPhone, Windows OS Blackberry, and offers you the option of using the basic free app or upgrading to a more extensive app. The free version only accepts cash or check payments, so if your customers mostly prefer to use credit cards, this is not for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for something basic, read on.

With Charge Anywhere’s free version you can see daily reports in full or short versions that include the number of sales, number of returns, daily totals, along with the date, time and transaction number. Although you cannot view weekly or monthly reports, you can view archived days. You can also customize tax and tip prompts, if necessary, although you can only enter one tax percentage at a time. These items will show up separately on your daily reports.

The ability to offer receipts is another important feature to have, especially if you desire to give excellent customer service. With the free version you can email receipts directly from your phone, or print customized receipts with the additional purchase of a Bluetooth reader/Receipt printer.

The upgraded version of Charge Anywhere has many more available features. With a low monthly fee of $9.99 for credit card processing (plus $4.99 for each additional service) and a $19.99 set-up fee, you can process credit cards from thirteen different credit card processors and three ACH processors, swipe credit cards and gift cards, and accept ACH/e-check payments. There is no contract required, unlimited transactions, free technical support and a free web terminal.

MerchantWareBMerchantWare Mobile is similar to Charge Anywhere as far as mobile device compatibility. It has a four star rating and has had more than 10,000 downloads. The main difference between the two is that MerchantWare is solely set up to process credit card payments. Payments can be accepted by either swiping the card (using a Bluetooth card reader) or manually keying in the card information.

MerchantWare Mobile also offers low monthly fees, but unlike Charge Anywhere, it does not offer unlimited transactions. Each transaction charges a fee of $0.21+1.69% for authorized cards and $0.21+$2.19% for manually keyed-in information. On the plus side, you are not required to pay any setup fees.

Report options are more extensive on this app allowing you to view reports as a summary or detailed, and the report features offer daily, weekly and monthly batch reports.. Also beneficial is the ability to email receipts, void transactions and offer refunds.

The only negative I found to be true with both Charge Anywhere and MerchantWare Mobile was that neither one of them seemed to be as user-friendly as some of the other apps I experimented with. It’s not that they are difficult to use, just not as refined as some of the other mobile POS apps out there. But even with thousands to choose from, I would still rate these two as a definite must try.


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