Build a Better Smart Home With New In-Store Showcase for Retailers at #CES2016

REDWOOD CITY, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 6, 2016) – Muzzley, a smart home platform that makes it easy to connect all smart home devices via its one app solution, has developed an in-store showcase to educate consumers, and help retailers and manufacturers get the word out about the benefits of the connected home. Muzzley provides retailers with a one-of-a-kind in-store experience that helps consumers decide which connected devices to purchase and how to use them together, while also providing them with the world’s first retail platform for IoT.

Muzzley’s retail platform is focused on helping consumers build a better smart home, and helping retailers and their customers accomplish this goal. Many consumers want to set up a smart home, but don’t know where to start. Muzzley’s in-store showcase helps users make informed purchase decisions by organizing connected devices, displaying information about each device’s capabilities and outlining a variety of use cases between those devices. The experience also shows consumers how their new connected devices can be added and controlled within the Muzzley app, removing phone clutter and streamlining smart home technology.

Muzzley’s software provides retailers with an in-store showroom solution, an online advertising platform to suggest new devices to users according to their needs, and a one-app solution for the retailer’s customers to manage their devices. Muzzley is also able to help retailers plan their in-store physical presence. The goals of the Muzzley retail package include helping the retailer communicate the benefits of a smart-home, and educating the retailer’s customers on how to make their home “smart”. The result: customers will enjoy a smarter home, retailers will sell more smart devices, and manufacturers will see more revenue. Market adoption will be accelerated and begin to become mainstream.

Muzzley has created a system where products from different categories and brands can interoperate within one platform. The app itself recommends valuable use cases for consumers to interact with their smart homes devices, contributing to customer satisfaction and driving retailers’ and manufacturers’ sales volumes.

“Muzzley’s three-fold solution to the smart home brings consumers, retailers and manufacturers together,” said Eduardo Pinheiro, co-Founder and CEO of Muzzley. “Education and smart home optimization are imperative if this industry is going to continue to thrive. Recently we rolled out our first in-store experience with Worten, a major retailer in Portugal. We’re excited to be pioneering a platform that enables engagement from all interested parties, so consumers gain a solid understanding of how to make the smart home work best for their personal needs.”

Muzzley is demoing the product interactivity and consumer and retailer benefits at CES 2016 – Sand Expo, Halls A-C, Smart Home, Booth #71560. For more information about Muzzley, visit[1]

About Muzzley
Muzzley is a leader in IoT consumer software, dedicated to helping consumers realize an enjoyable and easy to use smart home via the Muzzley ‘one app’. We partner with like-minded retailers and manufacturers who wish to build the larger consumer friendly IoT ecosystem that’s critical to realizing this vision. The Muzzley platform helps retailers successfully sell IoT devices and build relationships with customers through IoT services. We were founded in 2012 and have offices in Portugal and Silicon Valley. To learn more, visit:[2].


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