National Fashion Brand’s Entry in Brick and Mortar Retailing

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With a background in theater direction and and acting, Gita Zeltzer, founder of national fashion brand XCVI, saw no reason why dramatic style couldn’t be combined with practical functionality to create casual chic women’s fashion. So, she worked with designer Lilia Gorodnitski to offer apparel and accessories that are wearable, movable, and breathable for women who believe in style, as well as comfort.


XCVI experienced quick success with their stylish everyday wear featured in magazine’s ranging from Vanity Fair to Women’s Running and at high end retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s. As the brand grew, they realized that if they wanted to truly steal the show, they needed to get closer to their customer and enhance their relationship and connection with the brand. Customers expect an intimate and personal experience while shopping in-store, and XCVI aims to provide that and to gain valuable new insights into their customers reactions, preferences, and buying habits.


XCVI realized that a mobile POS and retail management solution was the foundation for successfully managing their growing multi-unit, multi-channel business while giving their customers the service they expect and deserve.


The Challenge

With plans to quickly expand and launch pop up stores across Arizona and California, XCVI decided they needed a cloud system to avoid the hardware, implementation and maintenance requirements of server based systems. XCVI tried several cloud POS systems but found them to be more focused on payments and less focused on the multi-unit, multi-channel functionality they needed.  They wanted easy access to actionable, reportable, real time data across the company to help them better understand their customers, and manage their inventory, pricing and promotions to drive sales.


The SolutionXCVI2

After two unsatisfying attempts to meet their needs, XCVI restarted its search for a cloud POS system and chose Springboard Retail. They were attracted to the platform’s powerful and robust reporting and ease of use for everyone in the organization, along with it’s flexible mobile POS. From the sales floor to the business office, Springboard Retail empowers every XCVI employee to build a more effective company.


“Springboard Retail allows us to get closer to the customer on the sales floor, and deliver a superior experience through better inventory management at headquarters,” said Daniela Zeltzer, Marketing Director.


The Results

“The impact Springboard Retail has had on our business is profound. It has given us the ability to track merchandise from corporate to stores, manage changes in real time and simply be more productive in all aspects,” said Zeltzer. “It really meets all the facets we required in a quality POS solution.”

With mobile POS in place, XCVI store associates are able to move more freely around the store, enabling them to spend more time with customers instead of behind a counter. With real time access to customer history and inventory availability across the chain, associates can quickly complete outfits for customers and close sales that otherwise might be lost. Springboard Retail’s Customer Dashboard also helps associates to quickly understand what a client has purchased in the past, instantly compare their profile to all customers in the system, and identify patterns that enable them to make more intelligent product recommendations to key customers, increasing sales and customer loyalty.


Across their retail enterprise, XCVI has improved business management processes, better aligned inventory and customer demand, merchandised more intelligently and delivered enhanced customer service. XCVI has been able to quickly and painlessly open and test new store locations while collecting customer reaction in real time.


“Springboard Retail has allowed us to make better business decisions all around,” said Zeltzer.


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Point of Sale Hardware Specifications

Apple iPad Air 2, Wifi

Premiertek Stand360 Desktop Rotating Stand

MagTek iDynamo 5 Mercury Encrypted Lightning Encrypted Card Reader

Socket Mobile 7Ci Barcode Scanner

Bundle available at


About Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail is a Cloud POS and retail management platform designed for retailers, by retailers. It’s built for multi-store, multi channel retailers who need to service every customer the same way, no matter how or where they shop.









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