New 35-unit Pizza Hut Franchise Selects Delaget for Payroll, Accounting, and Reporting

SAINT LOUIS PARK, Minn., July 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — JJB Pizza, a new 35-unit Pizza Hut franchise in Jackson, Miss., today announced a payroll, accounting, and restaurant reporting partnership with Delaget, LLC, a QSR leader in helping franchises run more effective operations with loss prevention, analytics, reporting, and payroll and accounting solutions. The new franchise is also leveraging the new Delaget Data Management Platform.

“Relationships are important to franchisees like me. When looking for a provider, I didn’t want to work with a company that treated me like a transaction. With Delaget, it’s a family-type feel. Their team is always available to me and our relationship doesn’t end at 5 p.m.,” said Mike Quinn, Owner of JJB Pizza. “As a new owner, I have a lot of responsibilities – and a lot of questions. The Delaget team understands that, and they do whatever it takes to help me out,” he added.

JJB Pizza is leveraging two Delaget solutions, including:

  • Delaget Books, a time-saving payroll and accounting service focused on multi-unit operators. With Delaget Books, franchise owners save time by having Delaget experts process accounts payable and receivable, daily cash reports, P&Ls, payroll, and expense reports, and handle other accounting tasks.
  • Delaget Stats, a comprehensive software-as-a-service reporting platform that allows restaurant operators to quickly view, analyze, and react to performance metrics such as product mix, average ticket, and speed of service.

“Outsourcing payroll and accounting allows me to do two things. First, I’ll be able to focus on and connect with my team more often. Secondly, I can spend more time driving and growing the business from a sales perspective. I’ll be able to strategize on how to gain more market share and can also spend more time working on community relations projects,” said Mike.

“Using Delaget for reporting will help me stay ahead of the business. Being able to easily view the daily sales report, labor, and food cost will help the team know where we should spend our limited time and make the business better,” he added.

Another reason Mike chose Delaget – they can easily support JJB Pizza’s plan for growth.

“I don’t want to stop at 35 stores, I want to grow and acquire more units. This means I’ll need processes in place and a foundation that’s strong. With Delaget, it’s seamless. If I decide to open two more stores, I can just call up Delaget and they’ll work their process and we’re good to go. This will definitively take the headache off of growing pains,” said Mike.

“We find that new franchisees like Mike are looking for help on running the ‘business of the business.’ He’s already an expert in operating a pizza business, and that’s where he wants to dedicate his focus. We’ll help him do that by taking care of his back-office tasks and by providing end-to-end reporting he can use to make smart decisions. He doesn’t want to spend his time messing around with payroll, taxes, or reporting, so we handle it for him,” said Jason Tober, Delaget CEO. “JJB Pizza is starting on an exciting journey, and we’re looking forward to supporting their growth.” 

About Delaget, LLC
For more than 18 years, Delaget has helped multi-unit operators run smarter, more profitable restaurants by serving up actionable guidance each day to increase profits and reduce loss. The company’s advanced loss prevention, unit-level analytics, and enterprise reporting services, along with expert payroll and accounting support, empowers those in the restaurant business to improve the guest experience, optimize operations and to take control of their margins and maximize profits. Clients include Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Hard Rock Cafe, IHOP, KFC, Panda Express, Hardee’s, Sonic, and more.


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