New E-Commerce Fashion Venture Allows Shopper to Measure and Order Shoes with Smartphone

true gault

New York, NY (August 1st, 2017): Revolutionary fashion-tech brand and smartphone app, True Gault ( announces its formal launch, forever redefining the relationship between women and their heels through the use of a groundbreaking iPhone and SaaS based technology. True Gault has created its own proprietary patent pending fit formula by pioneering 3D measuring of a shopper’s feet to capture the biomechanics and measurements individually – all via their iPhone phone (5 or higher). The customer only takes three pictures of each foot, via the iPhone app, and the smart technology generates her unique size and a 3D model of her foot. Traditional sizing is now irrelevant as the user has her own unique size. The result is an innovative shopping experience and a bespoke pair of heels, made to order, delivered within four weeks and backed by the True Gault Fit Guarantee.

True Gault’s core innovation is built on a real-time, on-demand customization SaaS technology platform that is operated via a cutting edge mobile 3D scanning and shopping iPhone app. True Gault has built a fully integrated and modular platform, tackling the complex problem of ill- fitting, discomfort-driven high heels as its first vertical. The platform provides open API to provide integration of real-time 2D to 3D processing systems, ERP systems with a real-time customizable products engine and on-demand OMS. Its custom mobile API is fully scalable, with a capacity to drive not only direct business-to-consumer sales, but ultimately branded/white labeled business- to-business as well.

Where True Gault is the most revolutionary is in its ability to integrate diverse technologies with it’s patent pending real-time supply chain and OMS system. Its proprietary Saas platform is factory agnostic, and built for on-demand, customized products. With over 2,000 women’s feet scanned already, the app is already aggregating valuable, predictive data and becomes ‘smarter’ with each usage.

True Gault’s SaaS customization platform is built as an Order Management System (OMS) to handle order fulfillment, processing and ultimately the fitting feedback from the customer. This complete purchase experience allows for a 360° DtoC (direct to consumer) customer experience

with detailed user analytics/ timeline for a complete and full attribution unlike any other customized retail model. The app applies each individual’s 3D measurements to create custom product with unique SKU fitting. Within each True Gault shoe, a serial number is stamped identifying a distinctive fit and signifying a luxury, bespoke experience. Thus each and every customer no longer has to sacrifice fit for style. Each shoe is made to fit their individual size because 98% of the time, no two feet are the same.

Through a quick (less than 15 minutes!) and fun scanning process, this new app averts shoppers from an endless search for sizes and from settling for pinching, scraping, squeezing, limping and sacrificing style for comfort. Shoppers are then empowered to “design” their shoes from a luxe selection of 20+ styles, colors, heel heights (2” or 4” at present) and materials: 70+ leathers, patents and fabrics. Users forego traditional sizing in exchange for a personalized individual sized shoe that fits like a glove with no pain, pressure or teetering.

Founded by tech visionary and a self-proclaimed ‘geek in high heels,’ Founder and CEO, Sandra Gault, has over 20 years of experience building businesses, and specifically honed her skills in imaging technology with Kodak and IBM. “It was baffling to me that the idea that high heels have to be uncomfortable was so widely accepted by women everywhere,” remarked Gault. “Our technology is really exciting and we’re reinventing the footwear industry and consumer experience. Each pair of shoes is one-of-a-kind, just like the shopper herself.”

True Gault CTO, Greg Kleine, adds, “We’ve seen the e-commerce shopping model stay stagnant in terms of technological advancements for many years now. True Gault represents a sweeping industry change where online shopping is now smarter. Shopping and buying a custom product requires no more effort than buying a pre-made product built for someone else – and all this interacts with the supply chain in real time.”

True Gault has already attracted attention in the tech community, having been accepted as 1 of 8 companies to the ultra-esteemed Google Accelerator, which is an incubator program for selected startups. (past Google “incubated” companies include the likes of Warby Parker, Casper and Dollar Shave Club). True Gault has been in soft launch phase until now, having already identified proof of concept with over 1,000+ pairs sold to date.

The shoes are positioned at a contemporary price point, focused on making a luxury, bespoke experience available to a wide demographic of women everywhere. Personalized shoes range between $250-$350, and True Gault proudly guarantees an exceptional, unparalleled fit for unmatched comfort and personalized style and feel that is authentic to each shopper.

About Founder & CEO, Sandra Gault

“Fashion should fit you; not the other way around.” The idea emerged as Sandra stood in painful designer heels at a party, realizing that no amount of compliments could make her feel at ease. It was then she vowed that every woman – regardless of age, size, or shape of her feet – deserved a beautiful pair of heels that she could wear all day long, in perfect comfort and confidence. So she channeled her three passions – fashion, business, and technology – into True Gault.

Sandra has over 20 years of experience in building business, leveraging technologies, and leading teams. Her experience at Kodak and IBM Corporation refined her skills in imaging technology to achieve her vision of customizing high-fashion shoes of the highest quality. Before bringing True Gault to life, Sandra pursued an apprenticeship to learn the art of shoe-making, then researched to find the perfect craftsmen and manufacturing facility to support her endeavor.

True Gault is Sandra’s true passion. She never sets foot anywhere without a pair of these true-fit shoes. To date she has taken over 502,000 steps, or walked 243 miles, in her True Gault shoes.

About CTO, Greg Kleine

Greg Kleine is the CTO at True Gault. With a background in software engineering, product team management and an MBA from Harvard, Greg builds True Gault’s core technology and clever backend system.

About True Gault

Women can buy shoes online, but size doesn’t guarantee fit. To remedy the hassle and (often physical) pain, True Gault built 3D-imaging technology to guarantee shoes that fit and feel great – all via iPhone. By applying a fit formula to each foot’s biomechanics, shoe size becomes irrelevant; each pair is as unique as the woman who wears it. With True Gault’s innovative technology and iPhone app, women no longer have to sacrifice style for fit, or vice versa. 


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