New Enterprise Tablet & App Development Tool – A Mobile Solution from Motorola


New Enterprise Tablet & App Development Tool – A Mobile Solution from Motorola

Motorola offers a durable and functional Android™-based tablet as a practical mobile solution for retail environments.

Mobility is the word of the year. Retailers, hospitals, restaurants, service industries, small businesses, you name it, if they haven’t already jumped on the mobile train they are probably waiting in line for their ticket—or if they haven’t, they should be. Mobile technology, such as hand-held computers, has been gaining momentum for a while, and now smartphones and tablets are bringing both a cool factor and intuitive ease on to the scene. These mobile devices support flexibility, efficiency, responsiveness, and creativity in almost any vertical.

Despite all the benefits that mobility can offer, there are a few issues that businesses need to consider. One of the main issues is whether these mobile technologies, especially smartphones and tablets that are really built for consumer use, are up for the challenge of being used in the workplace. Although a comparatively cheap POS tool, a consumer-grade tablet, being used in a retail setting—carried around on the sales floor, set momentarily on a counter top, passed between employees—may or may not last long enough to offer a great ROI.

Motorola Solutions, Inc., a leader on mobile technology, realizes the issues that retailers and other verticals face in making decisions regarding mobile devices. In an effort to combine the appeal and popularity of the mass-marketed tablet with the durability of an enterprise-class design, they have just released the ET1 tablet, Motorola’s first Android tablet.

In conjunction with the tablet’s release, they have also announced a new tool for the ISV community called RhoElements. The new HTML5 application-Motorola_RhoElements_LGenablement framework will let businesses develop apps for the ET1 tablet and other Motorola mobile devices. Instead of having to design separate apps for Windows or Android devices, RhoElements enables developers to design an app once and have it work on any Motorola tablet or mobile device.

We talked to Luis Llamas, Director of Mobile Computing Product Management at Motorola Solutions, to find out more about the Motorola ET1 tablet. He explained that the goal was to create “something that looked and felt like a consumer device, but had enterprise-class durability.”

The Motorola ET1 tablet is built for demanding 24/7 use by multiple employees. The hardware includes a durable Gorilla Glass 7-inch color display that can withstand bumps and drops, a hot-swappable rechargeable battery pack, back-up RAM, front and rear-facing cameras, and an optional hand-strap. The WI-Fi enabled tablet supports mobile payments with an optional magnetic stripe reader as well as expansion capabilities for new accessories like NFC, mobile printers, and bar code scanners.

On the software end, the ET1 tablet uses an enterprise hardened version of Android. It uses a pass-word protection feature so that the tablet can be shared by employees and still maintain security. Managers can adjust controls and access to tablet applications for each employee’s log-in account, according to their level of responsibility.

Luis Llamas explained how the ET1 tablet might be used in a retail environment, “In general, mobile apps for retail involve 2 key experiences, the customer experience and the manager experience. To enhance the customer experience, mobile devices like the ET1 tablet can be used for assisted shopping and mobile POS—where sales associates can walk around with customers, help them compare products and ratings, bring out products for them to see, and perform a sales transaction right on the spot, without ever having to leave the customer’s side. The Motorola ET1 tablet could also be used as a customer-facing display, featuring images or videos. In regards to the manager experience – tablets and other mobile tools can bring the manager out of the back room to the front of the store, allowing him to check pricing and exhibits, generate tasks on the spot, send emails, and access sales and inventory information at any time.”

The Motorola ET1 tablet merits consideration by those who need a practical solution for mobility, with the functionality to work well and the durability to last. 

About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical communication products and services for enterprise and government customers. Through leading-edge innovation and communications technology, it is a global leader that enables its customers to be their best in the moments that matter. To learn more, visit



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