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No, your flight attendant is not texting… she is carrying the new AVATA-m, a new handheld POS from Guestlogix. The new little powerhouse measures a mere 2x5x1in while maintaining the multi-functional capabilities of GuestLogix previous generation of POS devices. The interface has a graphical touchscreen like that of most popular smartphones, make it more intuitive and hopefully more productive. Like all GuestLogix handheld POS devices the AVATA-m scans barcodes and credit cards and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID connectivity.

Unlike your iPhone, however, the AVATA-m will withstand some serious abuse. It is a rugged tool built to withstand the rigors of air travel. It is drop-tested from a height of 1.5 meters (onto concrete), and is safety and usage certified by the FCC, as well as other regulatory agencies in Europe and China. The basic device design has been extensively field tested by users in China.

“We believe this new POS device will enable our customers to further maximize the sales in their onboard stores as well as at other travel touch points such as the airline lounge and the departure gate,” says Mr. Tom Douramakos, President and CEO of GuestLogix. “It delivers smartphone-like simplicity without sacrificing industrial-strength security, functionality, or durability.”

At a time when mobile payment ability is evolving quickly in both the passenger aviation and general consumer marketplaces, GuestLogix has consistently been at the forefront in this area. GuestLogix was the first onboard retail solutions provider to obtain end-to-end payment card industry certification (PCI) for its wireless credit card transactions. The Company also pioneered the use of real-time and batch credit card processing, to lower operating costs and reduce the propensity for fraud.

The mainstream consumer market has seen the retrofitting of existing smartphones to support credit card readers, the same ad-hoc solution would be inherently inefficient for airlines. GuestLogix has filled the gap and developed a tailored, innovative alternative, which the Company believes will enjoy significant adoption across the passenger aviation market.

In-flight retail sales, enabled by handheld POS devices, are fast becoming ancillary revenue growth engines for airlines. The AVATA-m represents a new step forward in onboard retail technology, and serves to further cement GuestLogix position as an industry leader in powering onboard retailing and ancillary revenues.

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