​New ​Product Publishing Solution​ For SMB Multichannel Retailers​


Provides SMB multichannel retailers with industry’s first solution for managing and publishing product-related content from Magento to marketplaces, and complete order and inventory management 


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April 4, 2016 – Brightpearl, the leading multichannel retail management platform, today announced integration with M2E Pro to provide complete and cohesive Product Publishing from Magento to Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces. 

Multichannel merchants using Brightpearl’s cloud-based retail enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can easily manage their entire business operations — orders, inventory, customer data, accounting and reporting — from one platform. The integration with M2E brings to market the first-ever solution that lets independent retailers publish products directly from Magento to leading marketplaces around the globe while maintaining real-time order and inventory management across all channels. 

“New independent retailers often find eBay and Amazon great launchpads for their business but may face growing pains with increased success from expanding sales volumes and business complexity,” said Alex Podopryhora, CEO and co-founder, M2E. “This is where we see our customers adopt solutions like Brightpearl that help them streamline operations, and provide greater efficiencies and processes that easily scale with business expansion. We are thrilled to work more closely with Brightpearl to ensure our mutual customers can continue to grow with rock solid operational and financial stability.” 

All product data is stored in Magento from which users can decide which products to list on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten using a simple set of pages within Magento. Once selected these products automatically connect to Brightpearl’s inventory management system, which synchronizes stock levels across all channels, online and offline. Brightpearl also supports a range of Point of Sale (POS) solutions, providing additional flexibility for Magento merchants with bricks and mortar stores.

Brightpearl’s SVP Global Partnerships Adam Smith, added, “We are excited to make M2E’s industry leading publishing technology available to the growing Brightpearl community of retailers. Magento, M2E, and Brightpearl together provide a powerful solution for independent merchants, and this partnership will dramatically change the way in which retailers manage their multichannel operations to drive greater revenue potential.”

Two complementary platforms efficiently manage end-to-end retail business

With M2E users can take the hassle out of the often time-consuming and complex task of product listing management. In addition to saving time and reducing data entry errors by managing listings in one place, M2E users can also:

●     Create and manage eBay and Amazon listings directly from Magento

●     Launch new products and rapidly scale into new marketplaces and countries

Narendra Dev, president, Cupertino Networks said, “For more than three years we have relied on Brightpearl to manage our Magento store, and eBay and Amazon sales. This new partnership between Brightpearl and M2E will enable us to more efficiently list newly sourced products, which will help to dramatically accelerate our revenue growth.”

With Brightpearl serving as the hub for order and inventory management, retailers can spend more time serving their customers’ needs. In real time, Brightpearl receives orders as placed from all channels, and sends inventory updates to other channels with no direct impact on the speed and performance of retailers’ Magento store. Furthermore, updates are pulled into Magento from Brightpearl as needed to reduce impact on Magento performance. 

Smith notes, “Brightpearl is resilient at scale, because our platform is benchmarked at more than one million orders a day per store. So your Magento store will maintain high performance even when you are taking large numbers of orders across multiple channels.”

Visit Brightpearl, a Gold Sponsor, at Magento Imagine Commerce 2016 (April 11-13, Las Vegas, Nevada), booth #322.

About M2E

With over 81,000 downloads, M2E Pro has become one of the largest multichannel solutions in the world by a number of active users. M2E Pro fully integrates the Magento eCommerce platform with eBay, Amazon and Rakuten marketplaces around the globe. eBay, Amazon and Rakuten become an integral part of retailers’ Magento system. All data is stored only in Magento and managed from one page with a very simple management screen. Merchants retain full ownership over their own product data and can manage what products they chose to list on marketplaces, and the product meta data they deliver to each of these channels. For more information, please visit www.m2epro.com.

About Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a powerful-yet-simple retail and inventory management software that helps small- and medium-size retailers and wholesalers expand and compete with larger rivals by streamlining sales and supply chain functions across multiple online and offline channels. Brightpearl’s cloud-based software and services enable multichannel merchants to manage the heart of their business by combining purchasing, inventory management, CRM, order processing, accounting, fulfillment, and reporting into a single reliable platform. Founded in 2007 with offices in the U.S. and UK, Brightpearl is used by more than 1,400 merchants around the world. For more information, visit www.brightpearl.com or @BrightpearlHQ.


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