NFC and Digital Signage: Hybrid Hype?


In the point of sale universe, it is often tempting to think of different technologies as completely separate entities: NFC vs. mobile payments vs. kiosks vs. RFID vs. digital signage vs. mobile POS… the list goes on and on. In actuality, however – at least when things are working correctly – they are not in fact separate technologies but different pixels within a larger image. The complete picture is the fully-functioning POS machine. Finding ways to integrate these different technologies and implement them in the POS setting is more than just exciting; it is also economical and intelligent. We recently heard about a new product that integrates NFC and digital signage, and we think the possibilities for this type of collaborative technology are manifold for the point of sale realm.

CastNET, a digital signage firm, has recently introduced and is now shipping a new product that integrates NFC technology into its existing digital signage software platform.   The hybrid system allows customers to quickly access new information relevant to the digital signage messaging with a simple tap of their NFC-enabled mobile devices.

CastNET with MobileHere also allows businesses implementing the digital signage technology to easily track valuable data about the effectiveness of their digital signage campaigns. By tracking users’ mobile activity, the partnership between CastNET and MobileHere allows businesses to carefully trace the activity generated by different campaigns and tailor their future digital signage endeavors to maximize benefit on their digital signage investments.

In a recent release, CastNET VP Lance Hutchinson declared that “NFC is the next big thing in the digital signage industry…CastNET with MobileHere is a product that not only improves the experience for customers and guests in a store of venue, but also provides immediate and accurate reporting on the effectiveness of how and where digital signage is being used. A lot of development time was invested into making sure the CastNET user experience for updating NFC ‘to go’ content works seamlessly with CastNET’s already easy-to-use software workflow.”

This is an interesting partnership for many reasons, not only the hybrid technology element of combining NFC with digital signage campaigns. It also comes at a critical juncture for NFC technology; these days the news for this touchless transfer technology has not been very good. Many people think NFC is a thing of the past and not a strong contender for POS productivity, and yet here we see an interesting implementation of the technology in an interactive marketing setting.

What do you think? Does NFC still hold water? Can businesses make better use of the technology when combining it with other POS technology platforms? Let us know in the comments!

For more on the CastNET partnership, click here.

Written by Kathryn Cunningham

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