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GiftLogic’s Point of Sale system can be used to manage both retail and online transactions. Depending on the shopping cart the client uses, online transactions can be automatically or manually processed.

According to a spokesperson from GiftLogic, while GiftLogic supports some of the most popular eCommerce solutions with plugins that make integration seamless and allow for automatic transaction processing, some GiftLogic users prefer to use a shopping cart system that isn’t currently supported.

“These retailers have an eCommerce system that they like, and they want to be notified of an online sale, as well as, manage these sales within their point of sale system,” said the spokesperson. “With GiftLogic, they have a means of entering the online sale and customer information, just as they would any other sale. They can also add shipping and any associated fees to the order. There’s also check box that indicates the transaction is an Internet sale.”

This check box allows GiftLogic users to include Internet sales in their inventory and reporting without causing reconciliation problems at the close of business each day. Because the sale has already been paid for via the eCommerce system, the sale does not need to be processed within GiftLogic. The sale will be added to the daily register total so the merchant can see the day’s total. However, it won’t be counted as a credit card transaction that needs to be reconciled with freestanding credit card equipment or GiftLogic’s integrated credit card processing.

The spokesperson explained that the new Web transaction processing feature cross-references online customers’ email addresses with customer email addresses on file within GiftLogic. “If an existing customer places an order online, if that email address is matched in the system, GiftLogic will add the new transaction to the history of that account based on that email comparison.”

Merchants who have an eCommerce solution that they like do not need to switch to a supported platform when they switch to GiftLogic. “There’s no need to start over with a new shopping cart system,” the spokesperson said.

The ability to manage online transactions, whether via an automatic integration with supported platforms or manually, is included with GiftLogic for no additional charge.

About GiftLogic
GiftLogic Point of Sale Software is a feature-rich point of sale system designed for “Main Street” merchants who deserve the same robust tools their chain store competitors have. The retail software brings features such as credit card processing, inventory management, volume discounts, gift receipts, and layaway to the independent retailer.

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