#NRAshow Integrated POS Solution Future of Online Ordering

One key element of online ordering is often overlooked – integration with the point-of-sale (POS) system. As consumers expect restaurants, cafes and QSR concepts to provide online ordering options more and more, businesses will see that having an online ordering module which is integrated with their existing POS environment will far outdo having add-on online ordering services, Givex believes.  A POS such as Givex’s Vexilor which comes with an online ordering module integrated within it will be the future to online ordering. Givex will be showcasing their Vexilor POS integrated online ordering capabilities at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show which starts on May 16th 2015.

Limiting unnecessary hassle and increasing operational efficiency are the reasons that online ordering should be closely integrated and embedded within the restaurateur’s POS system. While online ordering add-on services may seem like an easy to implement option the long term consequences outweigh any benefits.  Report and data collection from a POS integrated online ordering module is streamlined, with easy-to-understand reports generated from within the POS which tell the merchant about menu item popularity, optimal selling periods, consumers’ preferred promotions and more. Restaurateurs do not have to decipher how a limited report obtained from an add-on online ordering service relates to the rest of their businesses’ activities. Beyond this, merchants with a POS which provides them with robust reporting which is still easy to understand such as Vexilor POS, will not have to reconcile the data collected manually with the rest of their POS reporting saving valuable time and limiting arduous paper work.

Beyond this restaurateurs with multiple locations with Vexilor POS can benefit from advanced capabilities such as managing menus from the Givex portal. This allows restaurateurs to adjust different pricing according to different regions. Other features on Vexilor POS include extending delivery time during rush periods or turning off online ordering when there are limited resources or menu items.

“Givex’s Vexilor POS combines traditional distributed computing with the Givex cloud and simple elegant customised Android tablets to provide reliable, secure and innovative data management to small and large merchants. As merchants learn the features, capabilities and ease-of-use of Vexilor POS’s online ordering capabilities they will recognize the limitations of online ordering add-on services”, says Mo Chaar, VP Client Relations, North America of Givex.

You can get more information and demo Vexilor POS’s integrated online ordering system at booth 6451 at the NRA show starting May 16th.

About Givex

Givex is a technology company offering clients a global reach with cost-effective cloud-based POS systems, gift card, omni-channel loyalty, analytics and stored value tickets. Our core distinction is taking on the tough task of managing all aspects of the transaction to ensure companies can deliver maximum customer satisfaction.