NuORDER Announces eCommerce-Enabled Online Visual Merchandising Solution

November 16, 2017 – LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – NuORDER, the leading B2B eCommerce platform, today announced the industry’s first online visual merchandising tool with built in eCommerce functionality. The new Whiteboard feature within the NuORDER platform transforms static linesheets into interactive displays of a brand’s products.

“Visual merchandising isn’t a new concept, but NuORDER is tightly integrating it into the B2B eCommerce transaction,” said Heath Wells, co-founder and CEO, NuORDER. “Brand storytelling and personalization are such key elements of B2B sales, we needed to create a flexible canvas where brands can arrange products and images however they like with integrated clickable ordering capabilities directly connected their product catalogs. We have re-imagined an age-old process for today’s brands and B2B buyers.”

Viewing products in static spreadsheets or catalogs makes it difficult for retail buyers to visualize a complete product line, understand how products work together, and select the right combination of products for their stores. By combining product images from multiple products on one screen, the Whiteboard tool helps retailers visualize their buys and complete essential assortment planning.

Whiteboards also put B2B visual merchandising directly in the hands of brand sales reps with easy drag-and-drop functionalities, allowing them to sell deeper into their accounts, without relying on the Marketing and Graphic Design teams

NuORDER Whiteboard feature highlights include:

  • Flexible Layout – Complete flexibility in whiteboard dimensions and layout to arrange images, products and text in any way needed to tell a compelling story
  • Drag-and-drop images – Import images from product catalogs, NuORDER’s media library and the desktop.
  • Flexible pre-built widgets – Enable Sales Reps and Marketers to arrange products in multiple formats without a graphic designer.
  • Stackable product images – Give a layered effect to showcase complementing products (e.g., a sweater and a pair of pants), as well as variations of a singular product (e.g., different color and pattern options).
  • Collaborative workspace – Share whiteboards with buyers to collaborate on the ideal product assortment.
  • Commerce enabled – Add products (individually or as a whole) from a whiteboard directly into an order or a shopping cart for purchase.

“Whiteboards are a crucial tool for selling deeper into our large retail accounts,” said CJ King, Vice President of Global Commercial, at Arc’teryx Equipment.  “NuORDER’s tool makes our Sales team more effective by integrating the merchandizing and ordering processes in one place.”

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NuORDER has been dedicated to helping businesses increase their B2B sales since 2011 and currently empowers B2B eCommerce sites for over 800 vendors and 300,000 buyers. NuORDER provides sales teams and buyers one central place to browse products and catalogs, access up-to-the minute sales and inventory data, and place orders from their computer or our mobile app – 24/7/365. NuORDER is flexible and scalable, with a rich feature suite to support any business – regardless of whether you’re selling designer jeans, consumer electronics or beauty products. Visit us at for more information.

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