Digital Signage for #1 Student Union at Oklahoma State Univ


PRLog (Press Release)[1]Nov. 6, 2013LANCASTER, Pa.LANCASTER, PA –November 6, 2013- For more than 63 years, thousands of alumni, faculty and staff members have visited the OSU Student Union every day, making it a central part of university life. Its amenities and services are second to none, which caught the attention of The website named the OSU Student Union the #1 Most Amazing Campus Student Union.

The largest student union in the country has made several efforts to improve its attraction to students and guests. It started with extensive renovations in 2000 and 2011 which totaled $65 million. Inside, you will find a 550-seat movie theatre, art exhibitions, the OSU Student Store, student lounges, and a plethora of digital signage displays provided by ConnectedSign, your full-service provider of digital signage software, hardware, and content.

Listed below are just a few of the many displays you will find at the Student Union, provided by ConnectedSign, LLC:

·         13 signs used for general/advertising/videos

·         13 signs used for wayfinding

·         4 welcome signs featuring event listings

·         2 signs used for testing, 1 in Marketing and 1 in I.T.

·         1 interactive kiosk used for wayfinding, searching staff directory, department directory, and much more

When asked how the digital signage displays helped the OSU Student Union image, Debbie Shotwell responded with “the digital signage we incorporated into the building serves many different capacities. We use the digital signage for wayfinding, event promotion, promotional video displays and menus. It has been extremely helpful in assisting us with building our brand and supporting our mission in a professional way.”

If you’d like more information on Digital Signage, or would like to visit the Digital Signage Showroom, please call ConnectedSign at 866-833-2723 or email[2].


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