Retailers Profit From Foursquare with JunoPoints

Juno Wallet


JunoWallet, the nation’s #1 promotional gift card application available to iPhone and Android users, has just launched JunoPoints, making it possible for users checking into Foursquare to earn points with monetary value.

Businesses who choose to “GO LIVE” on JunoPoints via the JunoWallet retailer dashboard, will give the 3.5 million Foursquare users a real reason to frequent their business: cash. Venues can GO LIVE by logging into their retailer dashboard and hitting the “GO LIVE” button. There is no front-end cost to do so. JunoPoints is fully integrated with Foursquare’s API.

JunoWallet also offers clients their very own custom badges that customers may earn once they get to 10,000 JunoPoints. These can then be redeemed for a $100 mobile gift card at that venue only, affording businesses an inexpensive viral way to build loyalty and reward customers. At the users options, check-ins are posted on the users Facebook page and Tweeted.


JunoPoints also offers businesses and events the ability to reward customers with spot promotional rewards when their customers “check-in” using Foursquare. With HotSpots venues can monetize their floor space and take advantage of revenue from HotSpots sold and the customers coming in to get the HotSpot JunoPoints.

“It is a great way to drive traffic, generate ad dollars, and work with vendors to create a great relationship,” says Chris Sweis, chief mobile officer. “Vendor sponsored HotSpots drive traffic and create a stronger marketing partnership with the business and its product vendors,” says Sweis.

“HotSpots are ads inside the venue either on the floor or anywhere the business wants them. A user can find the venue and stand near or on a HotSpots with their mobile device to earn jumbo JunoPoints from that advertiser. ”

“For example a restaurant that serves Russian Standard Vodka will have a HotSpot sponsored by Russian Standard Vodka on their rooftop deck. When a JunoPoints user comes into the bar/restaurant, they are notified via a pushed message,” he says.

The HotSpot is promoted in JunoPoint’s mapping feature and drives the users in the venue. The venue benefits from the users traffic. The advertiser benefits by having an advertisement at point of sale, giving them massive branding and exposure including inside JunoWallet.

“Venues now have a way to monetize the floor with HotSpots and work with product vendors to promote them more from inside the business all the while driving in more traffic and sales,” says Sweis,

“In addition, JunoWallet looks to sell HotSpots for businesses and place them inside the venue from time to time. All HotSpots pay the venue owner 15% of all the revenue generated just like an ad agency would earn.”

This revenue can be substantial and offset some cost within the business that otherwise would have had to be paid from your current revenues.

“For a newer brand using JunoWallet, HotSpots can be a great benefit to getting point of sale awareness and driving traffic and trial into restaurants and bars that our product is sold in.” Martin Kuta – Russian Standard Vodka.

What is location based loyalty?

The introduction and take-off of Foursquare has opened up a whole new marketing arena in location based loyalty. Location based loyalty is built around customers frequenting a specific business location more often and getting rewarded for that activity. Checking into your location builds revenue by increasing transactions from current customers, while essentially having your best customers market for you, announcing to their network the frequency with which they visit your establishment.


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