Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Reviews Four Instagram Best Practices and How to Implement Them into Your Strategy

PointofSale Online Marketing Agency, fishbat, Reviews Four Instagram Best Practices and How to Implement Them into Your Strategy


NEW YORK, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Instagram is a huge marketplace for businesses who have embraced content marketing. With over 700 million active monthly users, Instagram is slowly becoming a favorite visual platform not only for individual small business owners, but also for giant companies that rely on the services of an online marketing agency to drive sales online. fishbat, an online marketing agency reviews 5 Instagram best practices and explains how you should implement them in your marketing strategy this year.

  1. Use High-Quality Images to Enhance Audience Engagement

    Instagram users expect you to post high-quality images. Therefore, you should pay attention to the photos you upload; do they have a good resolution or are they stretched out? What about their appropriateness to the caption and the general goal of your brand?

    One of the easiest ways to engage your audience is to learn how to optimize your photos for Instagram. As a platform that receives high-quality visuals from big brands, you have no chance if your images are of low quality.

    These few points will help you get a good image for Instagram:

    • Use natural light to increase the clarity of your photos.
    • Get a well-balanced photo by removing the clutter in the captured image. Let the image take the dominant space.
    • Use good editing software to improve the quality of your images.
    • Have different angles of the same image, you can always upload a variety of the same photo to increase engagement with the audience.
  2. Include A Call to Action (CTA) In Your Image Caption

    While it is good to have the right image quality, you don’t want your audience to keep guessing what you want them to do. Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to accomplish with this post?’ ‘Do I want them to buy our latest product?’, and include that in the caption for your images.

    A CTA doesn’t always have to be about sales. You can create a CTA that doesn’t sell anything but engages the audience. Something as simple as; ‘What are you most proud of?’ can result in an endless thread of experiences. With such engaging CTAs, you grow not only your channel but also your reputation on the visual platform.
  3. Use Relevant Hashtags

    Using hashtags help expand your reach on Instagram. You can use industry-specific hashtags, brand-specific hashtags, or general hashtags to help increase your visibility. Adding hashtags that promote your brand name and goals help fans see posts related to your brand and boost your discoverability. Be consistent with your hashtags to create a relatable brand identity on Instagram.
  4. Maximize Your Reach Potential with User-Generated Content

    If other brands mention you or share your content, you now have access to user-generated content you can take advantage of. When posting user-generated content, you increase audience engagements as they relate to the content. Also, your fans will most likely share your posts if it closely relates to their opinions and views on given subjects.

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