Open Dining Partners with LevelUp to Drive More Order-Ahead Orders

BOSTON, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Open Dining, a leading online ordering provider, has announced a partnership with LevelUp to help restaurants increase mobile order-ahead orders. The partnership enables restaurant merchants using Open Dining’s ordering platform to be listed within the LevelUp app and Chase Pay. This additional, free exposure puts local restaurant menus in the hands of millions of consumers looking for lunch options – driving individual restaurant growth at scale.

LevelUp’s network comprises millions of potential consumers who look for speed, convenience and reliability when placing mobile order-ahead orders at their favorite restaurants. Customers interact with this network through LevelUp’s consumer-facing app and partner apps like Chase Pay. As LevelUp continues to announce new channel distribution partners, Open Dining’s restaurants will be exposed to more and more new consumers.

“Our partnership with Open Dining opens up new customer acquisition channels for restaurants, while adding more options for our partners’ users to order from,” said Seann Moriarty, head of partnerships at LevelUp.

Open Dining restaurant partners will benefit from new customers, resulting in an increase in order volume and will see an advantage from an awareness standpoint based on name exposure through these distribution channels.

“Consumers demand apps and products that fit their lifestyle and streamline their everyday activities. This partnership with LevelUp is a powerful way for our restaurant merchants to get more orders from mobile channels – putting their brand in the hands of more consumers than ever before,” said Tim Ridgely, CEO of Open Dining.

The integration between Open Dining and LevelUp creates a streamlined experience for restaurants and their customers. Argo Tea, a client of both Open Dining and LevelUp, has already seen positive results from the partnership. When a customer places an order through Argo Tea’s mobile app, the order-ahead capability is powered by LevelUp and the order is routed through Open Dining’s system.

“Our customers enjoy the benefits of both the Open Dining and LevelUp platforms, with the ease of use from our custom mobile application,” said Simon Simonian, VP of Systems and Talent at Argo Tea. “This ensures that they’ll receive the same high quality of service whether they are placing orders in-store or via mobile.”

About LevelUp
LevelUp aims to build the next-generation mobile payment network, connecting consumers and merchants with a seamless payments experience that blends payments, analytics and rewards. LevelUp is bringing this technology to market in three distinct ways; via the LevelUp app which lets consumers order-ahead and skip the line at their favorite lunch spots, embedded into partner restaurant apps to provide a full-stack customer engagement solution, and via an open developer platform that powers over 200 mobile apps. LevelUp is based in Boston, MA and backed by leading investors such as Google Ventures, Highland Capital and JPMorgan Chase.

About Open Dining
Open Dining provides best-in-class web, mobile and social ordering solutions to boost restaurant revenue, profitability, and customer lifetime value.  The Open Dining system is highly customizable to suit a restaurant’s specific operational needs, including Point of Sale-integrated order notifications.  Open Dining makes advanced technology solutions accessible to restaurants of all sizes, by working to apply and streamline today’s latest technology for food-service-specific applications, giving restaurants a distinct competitive advantage., now in its 8th year, does not sell products or services and we rely on sponsors to keep the site up, so please let vendors know when you have seen them here.  

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