CAM Paint Store POS Offers Benefits for Vermont Paint & Customers


Vermont Paint has two paint stores located in Williston and Burlington, Vermont. The paint store trusts its POS software provider, CAM Commerce, to help them offer the best service as well as the best pricing possible to its customers.

One of the unique challenges for Vermont Paint is how to serve customers in a more personalized and efficient way. Their customer base includes professional contractors who represent 50 percent of their sales. The paint store POS from CAM Commerce has a Contract Pricing software module that keeps track of each contractor’s level of purchase and assigns appropriate price breaks, allowing Vermont Paint to offer preferential service to loyal customers.

Dave Erkson explains, “This allows us to create custom pricing by customer and even by job name. For larger jobs, we can give deeper discounts and pass along the price breaks from our paint supplier. For instance, if a contractor buys products for Job XYZ, the software automatically fills in the appropriate pricing with no errors and allows us to print out a list of products with specific pricing.”

The paint store POS by CAM Commerce also labels each invoice with the appropriate job name. This means the POS reporting features can be used to track the total amount the contractor has spent on each job site and to provide item lists for different jobs the contractor is working on. This service adds even more convenience and better service for customers.

The ability to call up past purchasing histories is another feature of the paint store POS. “If a customer ordered a gallon of blue five or six years ago, we can find it,” Erkson said. “We have a 10-year history of purchases that we can recall for our customers. We can pull the history up, making it easier for the customer.”

Other notable advantages of CAM’s paint store POS is its overall speed as well as the support. Since the POS system is supported by one source, it makes problem-solving much faster and efficient. “With our old system, we had to batch out, but with the CAM system, we get the information in real-time online,” Erkson said. “It backs up every night and batches out automatically.”

CAM’s integrated credit card processing feature, called X Charge, can process credit and debit cards right through the POS system instead of requiring a stand-alone terminal. This means customers only have to sign one receipt, and Vermont Paint can easily reconcile activity at the end of the day.

To give even better service and treatment to his customers, Erkson wants to participate in the new Rebate Pricing Program offered by Benjamin Moore Paints. To facilitate participation in the program, CAM Commerce has written a customer program to be used by CAM32 users in the New England area. CAM’s customized program will be able to track rebates and discount amounts. Those discounts will be credited back to the retailer based on the retail selling price points of certain paint lines.

Finally, CAM’s business analysis gives Erkson useful information that enables him to enhance profit margins. He says, “We can look at a specific product, see how well it sells and easily make adjustments to the margins as we see fit.”

The paint store POS from CAM Commerce encompasses every aspect of business for Vermont Paint, including point-of-sale, inventory control, accounts payable, accounts receivable, pricing, ordering and business analysis. Having this integrated, feature rich paint store POS lets Vermont Paint focus on giving their customers the best treatment possible.

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