Point of Sale Terminal Spotlight – 9021PHO Vietnamese Restaurant

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9021PHO is a multi-location upscale Vietnamese / California fusion restaurant group poised for growth, and has outgrown its limited POS capability to manage centrally its existing location, and future concepts to come.

A Problem to Solve

To create, scale and support a new reliable POS infrastructure for a multi-location chain to streamline operations with the ability to manage and maximize revenue like large concept groups. However, 9021PHO is not large enough to support its own centralized IT department, but understood and desired all its benefits.


A technology fusion of Posiflex touch screen terminals for proven hospitality hardware reliability and Digital Dining POS software for centralized reporting and management. This empowered 9021PHO to replicate the databases from all locations so they can consistently manage operations and revenue across all restaurants, which the previous non-scalable, unreliable POS system could not perform. IT management, a centralized file server and file sharing with network security at 9021PHO corporate office and all locations are managed by Sidewerks.  

800 450A Successful Fusion of Flavor and POS Technology

In 2015, to assist in driving culinary excellence and 9021PHO’s multi-location growth, CEO, Co-Owner and serial entrepreneur, Alfred De Carolis, surrounded himself with a newly hired, but proven team in the kitchen with Asian Fusion Master Chef Kimmy Tang and Chef Kevin Hee as Executive Chef – formerly Executive Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse and a food judge for “Master Chef” on Fox.

9021PHO serves “East Meets West” California Fusion fare showcasing pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle dish, with a new healthy and hip twist. The restaurant’s name 9021PHO (sounds like FO – long O) is a nod to the zip code “90210” for Beverly Hills, CA, an upscale and star-studded community. In addition to its Beverly Hills restaurant, 9021PHO has four more locations throughout Southern California.

Named by the Los Angeles Times as the “go-to” spot for pho and salads, 9021PHO also has its eye out on future expansion into New York City and far beyond with 50 locations targeted by 2020.

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Entrepreneur CEO De Carolis, has as a shareholder Chamath Palihiptaya, former Facebook executive, to round out his solid kitchen talent to create a solid core in running 9021PHO. However, De Carolis had operational challenges with 9021PHO’s former POS system. The POS system was slow, unresponsive, and no longer met the reporting and flexibility needs of a multi-location expanding business. De Carolis, an accomplished poker player who participates in “World Series of Poker” tournaments, was not about to gamble on his POS technology needs. He brought in technology system integrator Sidewerks to design and implement a scalable and centralized POS reporting system, for today’s and future growth.

De Carolis notes, “The customer-facing part of operations is helping to create an environment for great food and table service and a satisfied customer. But this effort can be undone with an unreliable POS system. The back-end work in operations starts when the restaurant is closed and daily and management profit-and-loss reports are run.”

Sidewerks, a Los Angeles based IT company, was tasked to consult, create, deploy and manage a centralized POS solution by creating a technology fusion of its own – a blending of Posiflex touch screen terminals and Digital Dining POS software. Three Posiflex terminal systems are situated in each of the five locations. They are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to integrate with the 9021PHO upscale architecture and brand.

De Carolis concludes, “With Sidewerks, building and rolling out a new POS process has been painless. We have been able to standardize processes. By not replicating the same thing over five locations, we save money and resources. We do it once, we do it right, and then we are done. The technology replicates it for us. This allows us to focus on running the business, serving great food and focus on our customers.”

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