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Adoption of e-commerce media is growing rapidly as retailers are realizing the media value of their e-commerce sites. According to research from BIA/Kelsey Group, 97 percent of consumers are researching products and future purchases online. Today’s brand marketers are looking for opportunities to put their messages in front of shoppers while they’re researching or actively shopping online, and e-commerce media is creating new, deep-funnel marketing opportunities.

One of the largest retailers of footwear, accessories and related apparel on the Internet, has recently announced a partnership with HookLogic, an e-commerce media services provider. The strategic alliance will enable Shoebuy to offer premium brand and product placements within its online store, creating new and innovative merchandizing opportunities for its current brand partners to reach active shoppers at the point of sale.

Jonathan Opdyke, CEO of HookLogic, says, “We’re excited to partner with Shoebuy to expand the media component of their business. It’s our goal to help them drive non-transactional revenue, as well as deliver a high ROI for their partners.”

Shoebuy has over 1,100 brands, each of which will have opportunities to showcase their individual products throughout the website in relevant locations along the shopper’s journey.

HookLogic is a leading player in the growing e-commerce media space, offering a comprehensive solution that allows marketers to connect with shoppers within and around the retail environment. HookLogic’s solution creates product and media placements on e-commerce sites and assists retailers in maximizing media revenue while ensuring the shopping experience remains seamless and helpful for consumers.

James Keller, CMO of Shoebuy, comments, “HookLogic’s experience and unique technology combined with our over 8.5 million visitors a month provides great opportunity for our over 1,100 brand partners while maintaining Shoebuy’s commitment to a great customer experience. Brand response has been strong, and we see excellent growth potential for our e-commerce media programs.”

Internet shopping is undergoing an evolution. No longer just an added convenient, online point of sale for the time-deprived, e-commerce represents significant brand impact as well as expansive marketing opportunities; making partnerships like the one between HookLogic and Shoebuy both more prevalent and more profitable.

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