PCMS Announces Spring ’17 Release of VISION Commerce Suite Now Available

Cincinnati, OH – April 25, 2016 – PCMS, a leading global provider of retail commerce software and services, today announced the latest release of VISION Commerce Suite is now available. The release features dozens of functionality enhancements to improve the in-store and unified commerce experience.

“At PCMS, we have a philosophy of continuous improvement to ensure the VISION Commerce Suite platform is always keeping pace with the needs of our clients and potential clients,” says Martyn Osborne, Chief Product Officer at PCMS. “We make solution updates based on trends we see in the industry and also from listening to our client partners. We find out what innovations are needed, and then we build them into our product.”

VISION Commerce Suite 3.104 is a state-of-the-art, open, Java retail commerce system designed specifically for large retailers. It combines the latest technologies with leading-edge functionality for the retail industry and provides unprecedented levels of flexibility, adaptability, and re-useability. The component-based architecture enables Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers to implement a truly unified commerce selling experience. 

  • Superior Architecture & Technology: The most architecturally advanced system on the market today. With each release VISION Commerce Suite continues to evolve from our 30-years of focus on the point-of-sale and related technologies. 
  • Multi-Segment Product: Unlike products designed for a single retail segment such as apparel, VISION Commerce Suite addresses multiple retail segments and continues to add capabilities making it an ideal choice for retailers selling everything from books and electronics to department stores and supermarkets. 
  • VISION BeanStore Self-Checkout: A proprietary self-checkout solution that offers a low-cost alternative solution to traditional Self-Scan Checkout (SCO) solutions. Learn how a PCMS self-checkout solution can reduce your capital investment while improving in-store customer experience. 

About PCMS 

PCMS is a global provider of IT software and services to the retail industry. Global headquarters are located in Coventry, UK. PCMS also operates in the US with an Americas headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. PCMS specializes in retail commerce software, including point-of-sale (POS) software, SaaS cloud solutions, and managed services. PCMS is a pioneer in developing mobile retail solutions, including customer shopping apps, mobile POS and personalized customer engagement tools. PCMS operates in 57 countries, with VISION Commerce Suite and VISION BeanStore solutions running on more than 250,000 selling points. PCMS’s client list includes brands like WalgreensWaitrose, John Lewis, Pick n Pay, Bass Pro Shops, Laura Ashley and Shoppers Drug Mart. For more information on PCMS, please visit www.pcmsgroup.com.


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