POS Software for Pharmacies to Ensure Safety, Compliance


Pharmacies are highly-regulated retail businesses, and for good reason. An erroneously filled prescription or a lack of oversight in prescribing can lead to abuse, serious illness, even death. For these reasons and others, pharmacies are required by law through the US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to monitor their drug inventory, create audit reports and minimize errors.

Pharmacies must choose a POS software that complies with Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) requirements of the DEA in order to create reports that adhere to IRS specifications. Two to consider are CAM Commerce Solutions’ Pharmacy POS and CATAPULT by ECRS Retail Automation Solutions.

CAM’s Pharmacy POS software interfaces in real-time to pharmacy systems. As prescriptions are filled, the tracking software is instantly updated with the RX number, co-pay, patient name, and other pertinent information. The customer picks up the prescriptions and any over-the-counter meds, which are then scanned and recorded. Additionally, the software allows pharmacies to manage their inventory and streamline their ecommerce processes. CAM’s prescription tracking software then creates a report of all outstanding unpaid prescriptions alphabetically, thus streamlining the audits of will-calls.

According to the company’s website, CAM also offers powerful retail house charge account software. The RX number, co-pay, and patient name are passed from the CAM point of sale directly to the house account. The statements that print out at the end of the month have this information, which can reduce the number of service calls related to confusing statements, and is often a requirement of institutional or nursing home accounts. CAM backs up and archives all this information, eliminating paper storage and allowing easy retrieval and reporting.

ECRS offers complete pharmacy POS automation with professional support to guide users through complex issues, including IIAS compliance with their software, CATAPULTRx. Some of the features of the system, according to the company’s website, include will-call bin management with Prescription Watchdog™, automated OTC inventory replenishment and pricing with ECRS Gateway™, and two-way pharmacy system integration. CATAPULT Loyalty Points provides a way to implement a simple, effective and customizable loyalty program, to help retain existing customers and bring in new business.

One satisfied user posted this comment about the software: “Through the use of ECRS solutions, our pharmacies have been able to automate and control inventory management as well as streamline vendor communications. It also facilitates our ability to meet all the regulatory requirements in today’s pharmacy world with integrated pseudoephedrine tracking without compromising customer service, which remains our top priority. Further, it provides us with the capability to centrally manage our multiple locations reducing manual, time consuming processes and improving data accuracy.”

Pharmacies are retailers just like many others, but the goods they deal in are highly regulated and potentially both life-saving and deadly.  For these reasons, the choice of POS software for pharmacies is extremely important and must be carefully considered.  These two entries to the POS software for pharmacies market are strong competitors in the field.



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