Point of Sale Case Study: The Container Store Gets Insight Into the POS Journey


By Dave Hickey, President and COO of UserReplay

The Container Store is the original and leading retailer of storage and organization products, offering more than 10,000 innovative and multifunctional solutions designed to simplify their customers’ lives. The retailer has nurtured an employee-first culture since its inception in 1978, and couples its one-of-a-kind product collection with a high level of customer service delivered by its highly trained organization experts. The company currently has 79 locations in 29 states. It also offers international shipping to 96 countries.


In addition to putting their employees first, The Container Store is also very focused on providing their customers with an unparalleled point of sale across brick and mortar, online and mobile.

The comprehensive levels of employee training means staff can offer customers the best level of customer service. As the business increasingly expands its eCommerce offering, The Container Store wanted to ensure it could replicate this experience online and provide continuity for the customer journey.

As The Container Store offers highly unique and customizable storage solutions to solve their customers’ storage and organization challenges, each journey is individual to the customer. The Container Store already uses OpinionLab as their voice of customer (VOC) solution. However, the feedback provided by the customer to OpinionLab would highlight an issue, but not provide the context required to understand and resolve it. The team would therefore be unable to truly understand the challenge the customer had faced, increasing the resources spent on investigation and resolution.  

The company had previously been using a competitive product for session replay. It had however proved increasingly unreliable, cumbersome and the fidelity of the playback was limited. It was also installed on-premise, which meant it was complex to manage within the existing architecture.

The team recognized the importance of understanding the customer journey but were frustrated by the limitations of drilling down into this detail.


After evaluating the alternatives in the market, The Container Store selected UserReplay as their new customer experience management (CEM) solution. The team was immediately attracted to the solution because it could be installed as software as a service, making it much easier to manage and removing the need to create infrastructure to support it.

The team found the solution quick and easy to implement and, perhaps most importantly, were able to get their team up to speed quickly. Training time for this type of CEM solution went from a couple of days down to a couple of hours.

The session replay capabilities far exceeded their teams’ expectations. They were now able to take the feedback received from the VOC tool and then drill down into each unique customer journey, replaying the exact scenario that customer experienced.

Brad Schneider, Director of Application Development for The Container Store, comments: “Once you have the ability to extract the type of information UserReplay provides, you can’t live without it. You realize how much information you were missing before when you see the level of data presented to you. As many of our customer journeys are unique, it enables us to understand each scenario and address it accordingly.”

Over 50% of The Container Store’s [online] traffic now comes from mobile devices. The mobile replay capabilities of UserReplay offered fidelity that was absent from the previous solution.

Schneider continues: “As more and more of our customers use mobile to browse, shop and purchase, understanding their journeys across these devices is key. UserReplay enables us to drill down into the customer’s experience regardless of the device they are using.”

Fraud is a key area for brands to manage. The fraud team had previously used the former on-premise solution but found they were limited by the insight it was able to provide. They now use UserReplay for forensic analysis and to diagnose usage patterns that can indicate fraud. This has enabled the fraud team to be more agile in spotting potential fraudulent activity through customer behavior. UserReplay has proven to be much easier to use and operates with a lot less friction.

The Container Store has used UserReplay to improve their on-site search. In the past, customers would enter a term that may present no results or didn’t match the specific product they were trying to look for. Through the insight provided by their new CEM, IT has been able to work with the online merchandising team to adjust search terms to work more intelligently based on customer input.

The CEM solution has also played a supporting role in the online launch of The Container Store’s customer engagement program: POP! Perfectly Organized Perks®. From a back-end perspective, this has required a number of significant changes which could potentially lead to instability. This, in turn, may inadvertently impact the customer’s experience.   The Container Store is now able  to monitor the impact of the changes, and pinpoint whether customer experience has been affected and how.


UserReplay has delivered above and beyond the initial expectations of the team. The solution is used by IT, fraud, QA analysts and software developers across the business. The future plan is to roll this out to merchandising and marketing to further accrue customer information for strategic business planning. The Container Store is confident this will be easy due to the proven success in quickly training their employees on the solution.

Schneider comments: “In the past, if an employee had joined the business after or missed the initial launch of a CEM solution it would take a couple of days to train them on how to use it. We were skeptical at first but we’ve been astonished that we have been able to train people on UserReplay in just a few hours. We’ve received a lot of feedback from our employees that UserReplay is considerably easier to use.”

In the future, The Container Store is keen to focus on session struggle and how to overcome this before it affects the customer. Schneider comments: “We recognize that for every customer who comments or complains, there are several that don’t. We want to truly understand, as much as we can proactively, to remove any potential challenges before they affect our customers. Our previous solution was not flexible enough to do this but we are excited about how UserReplay can support us with this and the product developments we can take advantage of.”  

About UserReplay

UserReplay’s customer experience management solution enables businesses to discover the truth about their customers’ digital experience.  It combines replay of customer journeys with sophisticated analytics that identify customer struggles and monetize their impact.  This helps them improve conversion, resolve technical issues more quickly, recover lost customers and prevent fraud.

Aimed at medium to large enterprises with digital channels, UserReplay has the flexibility to be deployed as SaaS or installed software. Leading brands all over the world rely on UserReplay to improve the quality of the website experience for their customers and increase revenue from their digital channel. For more information, go to www.userreplay.com

Dave Hickey is the President and COO of UserReplay. He’s an industry veteran with nearly thirty years experience in the software and technology industry, including leadership roles at Kemp Technologies and Draper Fisher Jurvetson-backed, Lumeta Corporation. He is responsible for leading UserReplay’s US expansion while overseeing sales, marketing and customer success from the company’s new office in Morristown, New Jersey.


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