Point of Sale Signage Success Story

Point of Sale Signage

Alcohol Beverage Distributor Tracks Point of Sale Signage with OnTrak

OnTrak Software is the only web-based software in the alcohol beverage distribution industry that assists distributors in ordering, tracking and managing their ‘at-retail’ marketing materials. Recently, Walton, Kentucky-based Chas. Seligman Distributing Company, a 77 year old distributor for Anheuser -Busch, implemented the OnTrak software, with positive results.

Chas. Seligman’s sales force and sign shop use SignTrak, a mobile, web-based solution, to increase sales through the management, control and measurement of their Marketing at-Retail materials, including custom and permanent point of sale (POS) signs. SignTrak manages Chas. Seligman’s entire custom point of sale (POS) signage process, from order entry, to production, through business reporting and analysis.

“In a matter of just weeks, it was clear that SignTrak was a solution that pays for itself,” said Jennifer Doering, General Manager at Chas. Seligman. “It’s a tool that distributors can’t pass up. By improving efficiency between our retail customers, sales representative and sign shop, we dramatically reduce costs and standardize our branding efforts — all while also gaining invaluable information that helps us and our clients know what signs work, and those that do not. SignTrak is an invaluable tool that has transformed our at-retail signage into an effective business process.”

“After using SignTrak, distributors often tell us they never realized just how inefficient and costly their sign ordering and sign shop operations had become,” said Mark Fullerton, President and CEO of OnTrak Software. “We’re pleased to see customers such as Chas. Seligman achieve such tremendous, fast-paced success with SignTrak. It’s an easily deployed solution that arms businesses with the information they need to make the best at-retail signage decisions. That’s never been possible until now.”

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