Point of Sale Tool Raises Margins at Restaurants



Livelenz has introduced a new app for restaurant owners called LiveScore. It provides a nifty interactive tool that visually allows restaurant workers to meet sales goals in real time, with real incentives.

LiveScore alerts staff how much and what food to prep, as well as when, so no sales are missed. It improves teamwork and fosters friendly competition among staff and locations and promotes sales of gift cards and other feature items. Epson’s OmniLink captures the transactional data that coincides with each measurement.

In this app the “forgotten” stakeholder, the employee, becomes center stage. The feedback is visual, intuitive, and fun.

The app features an hourly and daily target and real-time performance in relation to target as incentives for employees to meet goals. Key performance indicators are shown graphically, so employees always know the status of their performance as well as the team’s. This introduces a competitive element that lends an aura of fun to the work environment, and at the same time it challenges employees to upsell that soft drink, bacon on a sandwich, or dessert. It works well within both stand-alone and franchise environments.Livelenz2

The app is completely configurable for each restaurant and location, making it a bonus for franchises and multi-unit owners. And because the results shown are in real time, employees become empowered to make—and surpass—quota. This eliminates waste and puts money back into the business.

One success story comes from Nova Scotia, where Kelly Fraser has been running a Subway franchise for over twenty years. She recently related an experience that turned the store—and her life—around. The company cites sales increases averaging 18 percent after introducing this tool to their employees.

“Getting LiveScore installed was easy. A simple download to the tablet, adding my store ID, and installing it in a highly visible area for staff,” she said. “Next, my manager and I set out to educate employees on elements like the value of add-ons, like bacon and cookies; the importance of line-speed and drink sales; the significance of having the right bread available; and reducing the amount of waste. Employees make the difference, and LiveScore makes it happen.”

To learn more, watch this video that easily explains the app.

About LiveLenz

LiveLenz founders Joel Doherty and Daryl Fraser come from a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) background, with a combined two decades experience in the industry. When digital POS systems emerged, the pair embraced the new technology, fast becoming experts in the field, and ultimately developed LiveLenz, redefining how POS platforms and back-office software can assist owners, operators, and managers improve business results.

LiveLenz is a platform for restaurant owners and managers to help improve key performance metrics like food costs, labor costs, and dollars per order—all without the need for new hardware and software. LiveLenz is cloud-based, meaning you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection, and there is no hardware involved.

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