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POS-Advice.com provides free white papers, product reviews, resources and videos for restaurateurs considering new restaurant technology. Our information includes interfaces to credit card processing, gift card systems, payroll services, online web ordering, delivery tracking and mapping, liquor dispensing, surveillance, loyalty, mobile marketing, online reservations and accounting systems to name a few with new applications becoming available almost daily.

There are over 160 traditional restaurant POS software solutions, a few hundred POS apps, hundreds of local POS resellers and Internet based resellers all marketing restaurant POS systems. Additionally most credit card processors are now selling POS systems bundled with their credit card merchant processing services. Since most of the sales people selling these restaurant POS systems work on a commission basis they usually don’t have your best interest in mind.

Staying current in restaurant technology is a full time job that we pursue with a passion. We subscribe to all major hospitality magazines and publications, attend the annual National Restaurant Association Show, regional restaurant shows and Retail Solutions Providers Association functions, receive numerous hospitality and POS newsletters, participate daily in fifty LinkedIn credit card, restaurant and POS related groups, follow many hospitality and POS related companies with LinkedIn.  We also take full advantage of our twenty plus years of industry experience and personal contacts to stay up to date so we can answer your questions with relevant and accurate information.

Your restaurant POS (point of sale) system purchase decision is critical to your restaurant’s current and long term success. Our purpose is to provide independent and unbiased information to help you make an informed decision! Please visit our home page for access to free white papers, POS resources and additional restaurant POS information. And if needed, personal services to assist you with your restaurant POS system purchase decision are available.

POS-Advice is a resource website for your restaurant POS information needs, we have also created a family of POS websites to assist you and the POS industry.

Our Free POS Quote website provides retailers and restaurateurs with the opportunity to detail their POS system requirements so we can connect them with a recommended local POS provider that is experienced with their type of business and provides a qualified solution. Free POS Quote also connects retailers and restaurateurs with access to specialized POS funding sources. These sources can provide various financing alternatives including 12-month zero interest same as cash funding and discounted 3-year and 5-year leasing programs.

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