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Digital Coupons and Your POS

Hiller’s Markets has successfully launched the first digital coupon platform that does not rely on any additional in-store infrastructure or hardware within the store headquarters. The new POS Digital Coupon technology is powered by M-Dot Network, a digital incentive processing company providing retailers with an enterprise platform for managing the issuance, precision marketing and real-time redemption of digital coupons and offers.

Hiller’s Markets new program, marketed as Click And Save at Hiller’s (C.A.S.H.), enables shoppers to receive digital coupons via the retailer’s website or their mobile phone. Coupons are made available from Hiller’s and multiple third party coupon issuers, including AOL ShortCuts.com, Valassis’ RedPlum.com, News America’s SmartSource.com, CellFire and OnIX. Shoppers register for service online or on their mobile phone. Just about any mobile phone with data service can be used.

Once registered, Hiller’s shoppers can find and select coupons via the retailer’s web site or their mobile phone. Selected coupons are stored in a digital wallet and can be viewed at anytime. At checkout, a Hiller’s shopper can instantly redeem their coupons just by entering their home or mobile phone number into the credit card payment device. No loyalty card is needed.

TN-5953_HillersCASHCoupons are then electronically matched against the shopper’s purchases and automatically deducted from their bill. M-Dot Network’s round trip transaction speed is 200-700 milliseconds on large scale national implementations, a number achieved by a recent test by IBM Retail Services. The M-Dot Network platform is completely unique in its ability to quickly process digital coupons in sub-second response time without requiring additional hardware, networks or other infrastructure to be installed in a retailer’s store or headquarters.

According to Bill Catania, CEO, M-Dot Network, “The M-Dot Network application is seamlessly integrated on the Retalix ISS45 Version 8 point of sale base code; Hiller’s did not have to create any custom code or integration points whatsoever. M-Dot offers a secure, real-time transaction network connecting Internet and mobile based applications to retail point of sale systems. The network utilizes existing in-store systems with no need for additional in-store hardware or infrastructure.”

M-Dot Network has built an open standard and secure platform with an API for integrating virtually any Mobile or Internet-based content provider with a retailer. “M-Dot Network removes the pain points for retailers by providing a single point of integration, centralized security and compliance, and a common method of redeeming incentives that simplifies the shopping experience for Hiller’s customers,” said Jim Hiller, CEO, Hiller’s Markets.

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