POS Partners, Inc. Announces General Release with Chowly

The Madison Bar & Kitchen, a new Chicago restaurant located in the West Loop, is the latest partner of POS Partners to incorporate Chowly into their point of sale and online ordering systems. Chowly’s innovative solution solves the problem of online orders needing to be faxed or emailed, then manually entered into the point of sale system. Rather, delivery and takeout orders are inserted electronically, saving labor cost and possible human error.

“This is a big deal for any restaurant desiring to increase their sales with delivery and takeout orders,” stated Lance Bell, CEO of POS Partners. “The reduction in order entry mistakes and the time savings with getting orders to the kitchen make it an easy decision for restaurant owners.”

POS Partners, Inc. signed an exclusive 7-year agreement with Chowly, Inc. A Chicago-based company whose sole focus is integrating third-party online ordering systems, Chowly offers a software solution that integrates a restaurant’s POS platform with third-party online ordering solutions (TOOS) such as GrubHub, Chownow, Door Dash and Eat24, significantly reducing order error and increasing speed and efficiency. POS Partners has integrated the Chowly software solution through its POSCloudSync® software, for the benefit of ServingIntel® and Future POS® end users worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about enhancing your business with a guaranteed ROI solution, please contact POS Partners at 888-477-7711 or the web at www.pos.partners

POS Partners is an international hospitality technology company that creates point-of-sale and enterprise solutions serving a variety of industries, including hospitality, golf clubs, hospitals and senior living. Providing a complete solution of software, mobile hardware, and business intelligence through its ServingIntel.com platform, POS Partners increases revenue and profit in foodservice operations, while enhancing service and quality levels for the guests. 

Chowly, Inc. is a technology company created by restaurant professionals for restaurant professionals, providing innovative solutions to connect restaurant point of sale (POS) platforms with a growing network of third-party online ordering solutions (TOOS). Chowly is constantly growing its services to provide TOOS to POS integration services across a number of point of sale platforms. Based in Chicago, Chowly is centrally located to provide excellent service nationwide. For more information, visit: www.chowlyinc.com.

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