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Security is a rising concern for the average consumer. While it used to be that you would hand your credit card over at a restaurant without batting an eyelash, nowadays a seed of doubt is germinating in the back of the consumer’s mind; is my credit card information safe? A security breach can be detrimental not only to the card owner, but to the establishment responsible—restaurants are responsible for almost half of all security breaches. Business owners are addressing this issue by beefing up technology at the point of sale.

One such company enhancing security for its patrons is the Copper Cellar Corporation, which owns and operates 19 Copper Cellar, Calhoun’s, Smoky Mountain Brewery, Cherokee Grill and Chesapeake’s restaurants. Soon they will be serving more than quality dining and memorable experiences to guests; it will also provide peace of mind with a robust payment protection solution.

The recent installation of TransactionVault, Merchant Link’s tokenization solution, and the Merchant Link Payment Gateway across all of their locations in Knoxville, Nashville, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Maryville and Lenoir City provides this peace of mind.

“It’s comforting to not have to worry about the security of our guests’ credit card information,” said Mike Gaston, vice president of information services for Copper Cellar Corporation. “The fact that it is not stored anywhere on our network is a huge relief.”

The company chose to utilize these solutions to safeguard customer’s sensitive payment data and remove it from the premise to ensure that it is transmitted safely and effectively while reducing their PCI DSS compliance footprint.

The Merchant Link Payment Gateway sends payments quickly, simultaneously detecting and correcting errors along the way. It ensures funds are delivered accurately and consistently, prevents expensive chargeback fees and reduces clerk or system errors, preventing them from showing up on customer credit statements.

TransactionVault removes customer credit card data at the point of sale where it would be at risk from hackers. The data is instead stored in Merchant Link’s hosted “vault,” effectively securing “data at rest” and reducing the cost and effort of attaining and maintaining PCI compliance. Through TransactionVault, Merchant Link processed 1 billion transactions at more than 15,000 merchant locations in 2010.

The Copper Cellar Corporation utilizes a Squirrel point-of-sale (POS) system for customer payments. Their previous payment processor and data security solution created problems for them by posting batches twice. Merchant Link’s full suite of reporting and error detection tools help to eliminate failed batch attempts, duplicate batches or no settlement attempts.

“Our old processor had double posted batches before,” said Gaston. “Despite not being directly responsible for the error, it made us look bad in the eyes of our guests. Merchant Link monitors for potential batch issues and ensures that problems such as these are a thing of the past for Copper Cellar, its restaurants and its customers.”

The wide-scale implementation was completed shortly after a pilot site went live successfully with Merchant Link’s solutions.

While there may be cost involved in the implementation of a more secure system, business owners and consumers will agree that peace of mind is priceless.


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