POS Prophet Systems Announces New VP

POS software developer, POS Prophet Systems, has announced Cory Rupert as the new Vice President of Client Services, and Jason Jodon as Client Services Team Leader for POS Prophet Systems.

Sean Connors, President of POS Prophet Systems, states, “I’m very excited that the growth of the company has created new opportunities in the organization. I feel strongly that Cory and Jason will both flourish in their new positions and ultimately provide the superior service our clients have come to expect from POS Prophet Systems.”

About Cory Rupert

With six years of professional technical support experience and ten years of computer expertise, Cory Rupert enjoys helping clientele with problem resolution and ensuring customer satisfaction. From computers, smart phones, and TVs, to software and networking, Cory has a vast array of skills that he puts to good use making peoples’ lives easier with technology. As well as this hands-on work, Cory also oversees two teams of software support specialists.  Cory Rupert is currently the Vice President of Client Services at POS Prophet Systems as well as Club Prophet Systems.

About Jason Jodon

Jason Jodon graduated from ICM School of Business in 1993 with a degree in Computer Management. For seventeen years, he worked as a Technical Analyst for specialty chemical and MRO manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio before relocating to Pennsylvania to join the POS Prophet Systems team. Jason’s commitment to industry-leading customer service combined with his technological expertise make him a perfect fit for the role of POS Client Services Team Leader. A newlywed, Jason resides in Brackenridge with his wife, Bridgette.


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