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By definition, hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.Bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, spasthe heart of the hospitality industry lies within its dedication to serving customers. When it comes to the point of sale, two VARs who specialize in working with restaurant management share the same goals and virtues as those they cater to, which helps to bring a bit of hospitality to each business interaction.

Olivier Jouffrault understands the unique nature of the bar and restaurant business. Since 2005, he and his staff at One Stop IT have met the demanding challenges of the industry by serving as ayou guessed itone-stop shop.  It helps that Jouffrault and his team have experience from working the line in the kitchen to consulting,he says. Having a background in information technology as well as bar and restaurant consulting definitely helpsit gives us a unique way to understand our customersdemands. No two restaurants or bars are alike.

Stuart Perry shares a similar background. Since 1952, the Michigan-based Pontiac Business Systems has specialized in providing point of sale systems to restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and now offers restaurant consulting. We started out with mechanical cash registers as one of the first branches of NCR that opened in Michigan,Perry explains, and now we are the only Michigan restaurant manager software.

Both resellers offer Restaurant Manager software by ASI.  (http://www.rmpos.com/)  

Customers appreciate personal attention and servicethats what everybody hopes for and looks forward to when dealing with a business, and thats exactly what Jouffrault and Perry provide. One of the highlights of combining POS and the restaurant industry, for Perry, is meeting new people, and Jouffrault agrees.  We are local people who have a great relationship with our community. From kitchen equipment sale reps to US-Foods, we keep it personal and real [because] every new site, every sale puts our reputation on the line. We love those personal interactions and relationship with both the front and back of the house,explains Jouffrault.  

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And he means it.  Jouffrault understands that, just like on Broadway, opening night can induce anxiety and enthusiasm equally, but the fast pace of the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs often brings those emotions to new heights.  To alleviate some of that, Perrys group always has someone come and sit at the opening for moral support and any necessary troubleshootingagain, a perfect blend of POS and hospitality. He shares that it is always very exciting to see a restaurant come to life knowing that our POS is the heart that is pumping all the orders through.

Both VARs agree that the POS industry is forever changing, and Perry particularly finds that to be exciting. Technology is always evolving and being able to be a part of that keeps all of us constantly learning, moving, and constantly entertained.Spending more than half of a century in the business speaks to the Pontiac groups ability to adapt, but one thing hasnt changed: we have always been a family business,says Perry.

Because of the nature of technology, its imperative that those in POS stay informed. In order to keep up with the world of the credit card processing and POS, Jouffrault strives to find the solutions that will help clubs, bars and restaurant to maximize their profit while keeping their labor and food cost as low as possible.At the end of the day, being knowledgeable about industry trends helps VARs to help their customers.  Perry says he tries to stay three steps aheadand explains that where some people would say no, we always say yes. We get to exceed our customersexpectations and that is the greatest achievement.

Seeing great satisfaction in exceeding customer expectations, showing up on opening night to lend support, and finding joy in meeting and working with new faces? That certainly sounds like a friendly and generous reception of peopleor in other words, hospitality.




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