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Ecommerce software has revolutionized the way people shop.  Online stores allow shoppers to browse and shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their own home.  Traditional brick and mortar stores used to struggle to compete with online stores, but now, more and more traditional stores are adding ecommerce software to their shop and becoming brick and click stores.  Brick and click stores have the best of both worlds, allowing shoppers to buy physically in a real store or order online, with options to pick up the product at the store or have it delivered to their home.

Fortunately, some ecommerce software can seamlessly integrate with POS software, making it simple to add an online store to existing stores.  Let’s look at two of the most popular ecommerce software options.

i.STAR eCommerce Software by CAM Commerce Solutions integrates tightly with their POS software Retail Star.  The ecommerce software lets you set up an online store in Retail Star and treats it like just another store location.  The website is highly customizable, so you can have an online store that reflects the look and feel of your brand.  You can upload an unlimited number of photos per product.  You only need to upload the highest resolution photo and the system will create thumbnails for you.  The ecommerce software pulls its inventory from the existing inventory system, with data stored in a single database.  This automatically synchronizes inventory levels throughout the offices, warehouses, physical stores and the website.  Because all the information collected through the ecommerce software and the POS software is in a single database, you get a unified view of all the customer purchases, returns and special orders throughout all the stores.  Advanced customer reporting allows you to view and create trending, loyalty and rewards programs, target marketing, email marketing and more.

POSexpress’ Integrated Online Shopping ecommerce software by POS Prophet Systems is another POS software that includes e-commerce.  It allows you to securely accept credit card payments as well as charge to the POSexpress billing module.  It has a simple administrative interface so you can make changes to the online store easily, and pulls data for the online store from the existing inventory system.  This ecommerce software allows you to create purchase orders and shipping documents from the application, and is fully integrated with shipping software to easily track shipments.  POSexpress eccomerce software facilitates client accounts to help customers track their orders, and includes automatic email alerts for all the steps in the transaction.  It also allows you the ability to sell gift cards online.  Because the ecommerce software is integrated with the POS system in the physical store, it can save on transaction fees.

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