POS System for Lee’s Kar-Go Convenience Store: A Case Study


Lee’s Kar-Go is an independent, family-owned fuel and convenience store in Virginia. Their two convenience stores in Claudville and Falls Mills are more than 100 miles apart. Seventy-five percent of the products sold in their convenience store–such as deli supplies, cigarettes, cleaning products and pet foods–come from their supplier, H.T. Hackney Inventory.

The Problem:

With the original POS system, Rocky Lee, owner of Lee’s Kar-Go, had to manually enter all the products that needed to be reordered for each convenience store every week. He had to walk up and down aisles of both convenience stores to take inventory and scan products that needed to be reordered.

He also had to manually change prices of items in the convenience stores whenever prices changed due to economic fluctuations. This caused delays at the time of purchase and errors at the POS terminal, a major issue in convenience stores where speed is of utmost importance. “We would receive products weekly from a major chip and snack food brand,” explained Lee, “As the potato market fluctuated, so would the weight of each individual bag. When the potato market was good the weight would increase, when the market was bad, the weight would decrease.”

Lee continued, “As determined by government regulations, the bar code for that product must change every time the weight fluctuates. This means that every time the bar code changed, we would have to enter it as a new item in the database. This was usually caught at the POS when the item was scanned and not recognized. The cashier or manager on duty would have to manually enter the item. This happened at least twelve times in one year with one type of chip.”

The convenience store needed an integrated point of sale (POS) system and inventory management software that would automatically update product details from the supplier. The convenience store POS system needed to be managed in a central location and allow for automatic reordering, streamlining the convenience store’s operation and helping them compete with big retailers.

The Solution:

Lee’s Kar-Go convenience store now uses the ECRS CATAPULT as their POS system and ECRS Supplier Gateway for inventory automation. The Supplier Gateway is used to communicate with H.T. Hackney Co. It automatically creates purchase orders (PO), PO acknowledgments, shipping notifications, invoices and promotions for the convenience store.

The Supplier Gateway also automatically updates the convenience store’s vendor catalogs, a vital POS functionality in an ever-changing marketplace. Now, every time there is a change in the price of potato chips, they no longer needed to manually update the inventory or their POS system. Lee said, “With the ECRS POS system, it’s no longer an issue. The new barcode is entered and the price is updated automatically when the truck arrives and the product is scanned. It saves time, alleviates customer frustration and eliminates human error.”

“Having ECRS POS in place provides an enormous amount of control for the business owner,” said Lee. “I have complete control over products and inventory movement.”


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