POSitive Software Announces ‘TEXTING’ Abilities to its Software Product Line

text screenshot

Understanding that small business software must also provide measurable revenue to help justify its expense, POSitive Software rolled has out a new marketing package for all of its POSitive 2017 software lines, including POSitive For Retail, POSitive For Business and POSitive Green Enterprise Management(GEM).  The Marketing Manager now allows the integration of ‘TextMessages’ or SMS messages to the business’s customers and the integration of using text messages for marketing as well as e-mail.

Making the texting interactive brings it a step above the marketing companies, as a customer can text standard questions and have them automatically answered, as well as texting a question and having it answered by the staff of the business. The texting history is maintained in the customers file just as texting history is kept on your cell phone. A customer also can be directly texted from the software for special notifications such as “your order is now ready”.

Also included in the texting feature is the ability to group and send text to all employees, a group of employees or a singular employee, and have the returning text messages go straight back to the managers cell phone. So if an employee is going to miss a shift, the manager can text all employees at once that he needs a shift filled, and get the responses back in real time, without even being at the office.

The new Marketing Center is designed to create Marketing Campaigns with single use coupons that will allow the company to send out coupons to a targeted group, or all its customers by both text messages and e-mail messages. The use of the single time coupon will give the business the ability to see the success of the marketing program.

According to John Hickey, President of POSitive Software Company, being first to market with this feature is another added value to their POSitive 2017 software. The new marketing system adds to and updates the original e-mail marketing feature, with the inclusion of text marketing and full campaign history and result metrics. The POSitive 2017 software already contains many industry leading features including Document Management, Dynamic Touch screens, Company Divisions, General Ledger and Accounting, Multi-Site Ability, and Granular Security Settings.

Positive Software Company, based in Richland, WA has been creating Point of Sale Software since their first release back in 1983. Positive Software company continues to develop innovative and affordable point of sale and e-commerce products that are available through independent resellers in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. Olaf Solutions has been Installing and supporting Positive software since 1999. Positive Software may be purchased from Olaf Solutions in Metairie, LA by calling 1-877-760-OLAF. For more information contact Dale@olafsolutions.com .

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