Premium POS Solution for the Fashion Capital

VRP-city Jeans


 New York City has long been considered the fashion capital of the world, and over the last two decades City Jeans Premium has been a part of that prestigious tradition carrying wide variety of products from some of the world’s most popular brands. City Jeans is a “family owned and operated business with an emphasis on community and customer service,” that prides themselves on “being the top source for your leading brand name products in footwear and apparel.” Just over two years ago, we highlighted another great POS installation featuring Hackensack, NJ based Visual Retail Plus (VRP) and now once again we are turning to another successful installation in the heart of NYC. Now focusing on the VRP retail suite of software, Hili Shrem, Director of Business Development at VRP interviewed the owner of City Jeans, Hai Winrauke. Hai said that, “the combination of the Pioneer POS S-Line and the VRP simply was amazing for City Jeans. Though the installation was relatively recent, we see a very positive future and a definite ROI on our new POS hardware and software.”

With the Visual Retail Plus point of sale software and the Pioneer POS S-Line all-in-one touchcomputer, Hai said that “the primary benefits we realized by installing this solution was that City Jeans now controlled inventory shrinkage and more streamlined control of all inventory with efficiency in reporting, profitability, and cutting of human resource hours.” VRP’s self-described ‘Close to Real Time’ mechanism “allows multiple locations to access the same information and remain in-sync regarding sales and inventory numbers. This makes VRP a leading POS system offering retail inventory management with a method that allows smooth operation even at times when the internet might be down.” Hai went on to say that City Jeans now “is confident and can see that at the end of the day there will be an improvement in productivity and profitability plus shrinkage.” Reporting can now be done in a “blink of an eye and point of sale, inventory management, employee management, and CRM are now streamlined like never before.” Due to their old POS system and old technology, City Jeans required over twenty hardware terminals across almost a dozen New York City locations from the Bronx south to Corona, and just northwest to Jackson Heights.vrp city jeans2

If you didn’t already know, the new Pioneer POS S-Line now offers a True Flat option, and is powered by Intel’s Atom, and is available with up to 4th Generation of CORE i7. It runs most Windows operating systems, and offers a wide range of integrated peripherals, such as magnetic stripe reader, biometric reader, barcode scanner, and secondary display. Expandability includes Intel Gigabit network, 4 Serials, 6 USB, poweredUSB +12V and +24V. When installed with VRP’s control center dashboard, this perfect POS solution allows merchants “to toggle features on and off to meet the demands of the business and have them be put into effect immediately without the need to restart the computer or application.” The Pioneer POS S-Line has easy to use features such as drop in paper loading which is field replaceable, barcode scanner peripherals available, and also offers dual displays.

Hai added that “We were able to go live instantly, and in a matter of days system was up and running. Training the cashiers took only ten minutes, and the back office was live in about three days.” City Jeans was not only extremely happy with the necessary POS upgrade, but “within a few weeks of installation, at least a 1% ROI can be expected from managing shrinkage thought real time inventory management.” Hai concluded that “VRP’s software is a perfect fit for the Pioneer POS S-Line and City Jeans. Now we are able to monitor stock through VRP’s ‘Inventory Matrix’ module which is extremely easy to use. Thanks to Pioneer POS streamlined hardware, we couldn’t be happier.” With this new POS solution, City Jeans looks to have at least another successful two decades in front of them!


About Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of industry specific all in one computers, touch screen monitors, and kiosks. Founded in 1994 and based in California, Pioneer POS manufactures its solutions from start to finish in the USA which are deployed in Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, and Gaming applications. Pioneer POS has built an exceptional reputation with its customers and reseller partners for superior flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs including short lead times, long product life cycles (minimum of 5 years), easy customization, and quick turnaround. Pioneer POS sells through qualified technology resellers throughout the US and globally.

About Visual Retail Plus

Visual Retail Plus is headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, just a stone’s throw away from the commercial center that is New York City. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff supports a national network of dealers and resellers, and provides solutions to overseas customers. Founded in 1991 as Qualisoft Inc., the company that would become VRP developed a DOS solution for shoe stores. By working closely with retailers, listening to their needs and solidifying their concerns, the program evolved to encompass many more vertical markets. Thousands of users around the globe trust the robust functionality, ultimate flexibility, and practical interface of the VRP retail POS software to run their business.


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