Prism Skylabs, Cognitive Systems Combine Visual Analytics & RF Pattern Recognition #NRF17

Collaboration to Leverage Radio Sensors Alongside Cameras Within the Prism Platform

SAN FRANCISCO and WATERLOO, January 13, 2017, Today, Prism Skylabs and Cognitive Systems Corp. announced plans to integrate Cognitive Systems’ advanced radio frequency (RF) analytics sensors with Prism Connect, a partner program that allows innovative technology solutions to leverage Prism’s cloud-based analytics and visual intelligence. Under this partnership, Cognitive Systems will be the first RF sensor supported by the Prism platform.

By leveraging Cognitive Systems hardware within the Prism platform, retail customers will have the combined insight of Prism’s robust visual analytics with RF source-detection for deeper customer analysis. This new solution will enable retailers to augment video analytics, by providing counting, dwell, Traffic, Heat and Pathmapping with randomized identifiers to classify unique visitors – anonymously and without infringing on personal privacy – in addition to understanding carrier network affiliation. 

“The collaboration between Prism Skylabs and Cognitive Systems adds unique value for businesses,” said Hugh Hind, Co-Founder and CEO at Cognitive Systems. “By merging visual analytics that are only found in Prism’s platform with real-time RF pattern recognition from our proprietary sensors, we’re providing complex analysis into the movement and behavior of customers, while adding insight into the factors that shape their buying decisions.”

“As the brick-and-mortar world continues to become more data driven, retailers only benefit from having access to new, more granular streams of store data,” said Cliff Crosbie, SVP Global Retail at Prism Skylabs. “The key for businesses is to find the balance between collecting customer data while still prioritizing consumer privacy. Integrating Cognitive Systems’ sensors allow retailers to learn more about customer behavior in their stores without compromising any privacy.” 

While both Prism Skylabs and Cognitive Systems provide solutions that empower retailers with increased data about shopper behavior and movement, each tool has been built with industry-leading privacy safeguards. Prism’s analytics are aggregate and anonymized summaries of store activity; likewise, Cognitive Systems’ technology offers advanced RF privacy protection features on the sensor itself to provide additional shopper data without linking to identifiable or personal information. 

Prism Skylabs will be attending the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York City from January 15 to 17. Stop by booth #712 to learn more about the partnership with Cognitive Systems which will launch to customers in early 2017.

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