“Dexter” Malware Attacks Global POS Systems


Security firm Seculert announced yesterday that it discovered a powerful new malware threat dubbed “Dexter.”  The malware attacks point-of-sale systems and steals customer information when cards are swiped for payment.  According to Seculert, this technique is easier to implement than physically installing a skimmer to steal customer information or attacking customer computers in their homes.  

The malware is named “Dexter” after the popular serial killer from TV and has affected POS systems all over the world.  At least 30% of the affected POS systems targeted are in the US.  Click here for an infographic detailing the affected systems and their geographical locations.  

Seculert predicts that the stolen credit card information obtained by Dexter will be used to create “cloned” credit cards that can then be used to charge purchases to the affected cardholders’ accounts.  

This news is taking the web by storm today, and the big question is how this story will unfold.  Will victims begin to see fraudulent charges appearing soon?  Are they already happening?  What can be done to stop the malware?  

You can get all the news on Dexter from the source that discovered it at Seculert’s blog, available here.