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A St Petersburg, Florida company, QRAFFiTiCODES is making it easier for businesses to develop a mobile version of their website and target mobile-enabled customers using QR code marketing.  Using QR codes (2D barcodes that can be scanned with a mobile phone or device that lead the cusomter to a website, video, coupon, etc.), and websites built for smartphone browsing, can be an effective ways to reach customers, even while they are in the store or at the point of sale.  QRAFFiTiCODES (pronounced kruh-fee-tee codes), is a start up that has already helped initiate and track QR code marketing campaigns for a variety of enterprises, including a restaurant, film production and an art show. is an Internet platform that provides individuals or corporations tools to build content rich mobile optimized landing pages, or microsites. When you design a mobile site with QRAFFiTiCODES, it automatically generates a unique quick response code (QR), options for a unique smart window decal, and a unique mobile domain.

We interviewed owner Tony Marks to find out what the company is doing and how it intends to make its mark. According to Tony, one of the most important things to ensure during a campaign is that QR codes must be connected to an internet account that is optimized for mobile traffic. A campaign that is designed around a traditional website for a PC user will only disappoint mobile viewers. Viewers need to be able to see, enjoy and benefit from a screen that is optimized for a smartphone. That’s why QRAFFiTiCODES automatically creates a mobile site for each QR code. And, the system is so flexible that it allows the business owner to change the site as needed.

The product is currently free, and in beta testing, but will charge around $5 per month for each QR code – or, as the company puts it, “about the price of a decent burrito.”

How are some of the early adopters of QRAFFiTiCODES using the technology?

Tai Swank and Thomas Truong, Owners, Sake Bomb, Saint Petersburg, FL. “St. Pete’s Premiere Sake Bar”.
Tai Swank and Thomas Truong were able to utilize QRAFFiTiCODES to build a mobile site and QR Code to connect instantly with their mobile consumer base–patrons in the bar. A quick scan of the QR Code connects patrons to Sake Bomb’s mobile site, sharing upcoming bar specials, DJ nights, and promotions.

Johnny Vitale, Movie Producer, Ignition. “Post Apocolyptic 1950’s”.
An independent film about a post apocolyptic 1950’s was looking for a way to create buzz. The traditional movie poster is the perfect application for a QRAFFiTiCODE, allowing fans to scan the code to watch movie trailers, follow on twitter, and even connect on Facebook. Ignition has not announced its release date yet.

qrfitticode barcode.comBeast of East Art Show, Downtown St. Petersburg. “14 Artists Attack Downtown Saint Petersburg with Asian Influenced Art”.
Recently voted #1 Mid-Size City for Arts by American Style Magazine, Downtown St. Petersburg has a healthy amount of competition amongst artists looking for exposure. To set themselves apart, the upcoming Beast of East Art Show is utilizing the QRAFFiTiCODES platform to build each individual artist a mobile site with QR codes. Guests of the show will be able to scan the codes next to each piece of art to learn more about the artist, the work, or even watch a Youtube video about the process of creating the art. Furthermore, guests can connect with the artist on Facebook or any other utilized social network.
Tony points out that creating a virtual connection with optimized mobile sites for each artist would have been nearly impossible and very expensive task prior to QRAFFiTiCODES.

You can start to see how mobile marketing and QR codes can generate interest and excitement in those who are already visiting your store, business, or establishment. Or they can used elsewhere to draw people to your business.  These tools have been used for new product displays, to offer customers deals and coupons, or to give them more information about a business, product, or event. They offer a great way to be creative and find new ways to connect to your customers, turning a static storefront into an interactive experience.

QRAFFiTiCODES is out and running with a very interesting product. See it for yourself at

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