“Scary” Digital Signage Campaign Excites Viewers


A YouTube video “prank” from LG Electronics has become a major viral sensation.  In the video, technicians from LG install digital signage monitors in the floor of an elevator and then set up closed circuit cameras to capture unwitting elevator riders being surprised and scared when the floor breaks away.  As it opens, the floor reveals an impressively realistic-looking elevator shaft below.  Though it is clear this video is a commercial advertising a product, and it likely features actors portraying all the roles, it’s an effective viral marketing campaign from the digital signage company.

 LG’s elevator of terror film features the company’s IPS monitors and definitely delivers the message of how effective innovative digital signage campaigns can be.  Currently, the video has over 10 million hits on YouTube.  The campaign is successful for a number of reasons: first, it effectively demonstrates how impactful a creative digital signage campaign can be.  And second, it demonstrates the power of viral marketing.  It is a well-placed Internet marketing campaign that delivers a clear message and relies on the untapped resources of the viewing public to send the advertisement “viral.”  The company’s message is well timed to coincide with the Halloween holiday and has certainly drawn a huge amount of attention to LG’s newly released monitors.

 The digital signage and viral marketing campaign from LG parallels a similar campaign from Coca-Cola that recently launched in South Korea.  The campaign uses digital signage kiosks that “shout out” to passersby from famous Korean pop band 2PM.  Viewers who participate with the digital signage display and mimic dance moves from the band win free Coca-Cola products dispensed directly from the machine.

 These two campaigns are likely very expensive and probably not within the realm of possibility for most small- to medium-sized businesses.  However, each demonstrates a remarkably effective usage of digital signage to engage with and excite potential customers.  The experiences that these campaigns offer are more than a typical advertisement viewing.  They engage the consumers in a unique and interesting way and provide an experience rather than a passive viewing of an advertisement.  These experiences are hoped to make a difference at the point of sale and link users to their special digital signage experience when decision time comes.

 As digital signage technology continues to develop, there will undoubtedly be unique and interesting new uses for retailers from large multi-national corporations to the small business consumer.  Implementing digital signage into your business is a dynamic way to create special experiences for consumers and engage them with your marketing and branding campaigns rather than simply advertising.  How is your business integrating digital signage technology?  What do you see on the horizon for your small- to medium-sized firm?  Let us know in the comments!


 Written by Kathryn Cunningham 



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