Quri Announces Partnership with Acosta to Revolutionize the In-Store Marketing Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Quri, the leader in Performance Driven Merchandising™, is announcing today a partnership with Acosta, the leading outsourced sales and marketing agency for thousands of the most trusted consumer packaged goods brands. Through the partnership, Quri will expand its already extensive collection of in-store merchandising conditions data by integrating with Acosta to better serve their mutual brand customers. Acosta, which represents most of the top consumer goods brands in North America, will leverage those insights from Quri to help maximize time spent with their brands’ retail customers by focusing on the highest value activities in store.

“This union of one of the world’s largest retail workforces and the industry’s most innovative and advanced market solution to-date means CPG brands will see a benefit via improved retail selling and merchandising execution,” said Justin Behar CEO of Quri. “Acosta’s depth of industry knowledge and added resources will benefit both retailers and shoppers alike. Improved merchandising leads to better customer experiences and will help increase loyalty and satisfaction long-term.”

Brands supported by Acosta will find themselves benefitting at the headquarter-level and store-level through more data-driven support of key merchandising initiatives both on and off shelf. Additionally, brands will see improved levels of merchandising execution once programs are sold due to more efficient direction to Acosta’s field labor workers in-store, using Quri data and insights.

“As competition at the shelf continues to intensify for consumer-packaged goods, brands need every possible advantage to put their best face forward in store,” said Ned Peverley, EVP, Retail Strategy & Operations of Acosta. “Our role is to leverage key insights to help drive greater sales and market share for consumer goods manufacturers, and with this new Quri partnership, Acosta’s team can spend less time auditing and more time selling and providing exceptional service to retailers on behalf of brands.”

Quri and Acosta worked together during the July 4th promotional period to improve display compliance on several seasonal brands.  As part of this effort, Quri supplied data within a day of the ad breaks as to whether key programs that were planned and authorized were actually executed.  Acosta then used the information to prioritize their sales routes and make corrections in-store.  Through this program, Quri and Acosta unlocked a dynamic merchandising capability that drives incremental sales.

We expect future partnership solutions to expand to new categories that benefit from continuous and real-time in-store merchandising insights, in particular, fast moving goods or categories that rely on multiple distribution points and more complex merchandising plans.

About Quri
Quri is the leader in Performance Driven Merchandising™, transforming the in-store experience by providing continuous, real-time, store-level visibility into merchandising conditions across all major channels and retailers in the US market.

Heineken, Nest, Red Bull, Campbell’s, KraftHeinz, Mondelez plus 100+ other global companies rely on Quri to help optimize the $4 trillion dollars spent annually on retail go-to-market and in-store merchandising. Quri is powered by proprietary data quantifying the shopper view in-store and collected by an on-demand retail workforce. For more information on Quri or Performance Driven Merchandising™, visit http://quri.com.

About Acosta
Acosta is the sales and marketing powerhouse behind most of the trusted brands seen in stores every day. The company provides a range of outsourced sales, marketing and retail merchandising services throughout the U.S. and Canada. For 90 years, Acosta has led the industry in helping consumer packaged goods companies move products off shelves and into shoppers’ baskets. For more information, please visit www.acosta.com.


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