Quri Announces Partnership with BeMyEye, Europe’s Leading Mobile Crowdsourcing Business

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Quri, the leader in Performance Driven Merchandising™, is announcing today a partnership with BeMyEye, Europe’s leading mobile crowdsourcing business.  BeMyEye operates in UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux, Sweden, Czech Republic and Poland.  Through the partnership, Quri and BeMyEye will be able to better serve their mutual consumer brand customers both abroad and at home.

This partnership provides multinational clients the opportunity to understand the true retail conditions of their brands and products at retail outlets both in the United States as well as in Europe in a consistent and standardized way.  The consolidated offering will display results in a centralized platform, providing store-level merchandising conditions data across the two continents.  With this, multinational manufacturers can leverage learnings and insights from one geography to help make better decisions in others.

“This partnership means CPG brands will see a benefit via expanded international coverage and the ability to bring consistency to the way retail merchandising is approached,” said Justin Behar CEO of Quri.  Luca Pagano, CEO of BeMyEye, confirms that “the partnership was an obvious fit of shared values.”

Together, the combined forces of Quri and BeMyEye will make available a mobile workforce of 850,000.  They will continue to deliver exceptionally granular levels of in-store merchandising data at incredible speeds to brands and retailers, allowing manufacturers to make more agile merchandising decisions.   

About Quri
Quri is the leader in Performance Driven Merchandising™, transforming the in-store experience by providing continuous, real-time, store-level visibility into merchandising conditions across all major channels and retailers in the US market.

KraftHeinz, Heineken, Nest, Red Bull, and Johnson & Johnson plus 100+ other global companies rely on Quri to help optimize the $4 trillion dollars spent annually on retail go-to-market and in-store merchandising. Quri is powered by proprietary data quantifying the shopper view in-store and collected by an on-demand retail workforce. For more information on Quri or Performance Driven Merchandising™, visit http://quri.com.

About BeMyEye
Founded in 2011 by Italian entrepreneur and innovator, Gian Luca Petrelli, BeMyEye is Europe’s largest and most effective mobile crowdsourcing DaaS (Data as a Service) solution for actionable in-store retail and street level data, with more than 400,000 Eyes subscribing to tasks set by leading companies including Mattel, Coca Cola, P&G, Nestle, Samsung, Heineken, Lavazza and Universal. 

BeMyEye leverage the power of our crowd to deliver real-time business insights of unparalleled accuracy to brands and retailers of all shapes and sizes whilst ensuring that our ‘Eyes’ have the potential to earn money in a way that fits in with their lifestyle. BeMyEye connects the Eyes with businesses looking for location-specific information, such as checking joint business plan compliance (such as in-store promotions, product launches and merchandising compliance), identifying numerical distribution or optimising the routines of in-house or agency-based field force teams. The crowdsourced insights uncover reliable, real world insights, from any location, at scale. This method empowers businesses to “see” thousands of locations within moments, giving them the intelligence to identify new revenue streams, uphold brand integrity, track joint business plans and make savings quickly.

The company is headquartered in the UK with offices in Italy, France and Spain, and is a VC-backed company with investment from Europe’s leading venture capitalists, Nauta Capital, p101 and 360 Capital Partners.


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