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When you go out to eat, you shouldn’t have to use half a dozen different apps and services to find a restaurant, book a table and pay for a great meal. Since Day One, Reserve has been focused on improving every part of the dining experience — from the moment you decide you’re hungry all the way through seamless payment. Our integrated approach has been popular. Today, with 500 restaurants using Reserve, we are the largest restaurant reservations and payment network in the country.

It’s about the whole journey — discovery through payment

Finding the right restaurant should be easy. Restaurants on Reserve are curated to ensure that they offer great food, service and hospitality. Additionally, for the last 5 months diners who opened up the Reserve app have seen themed groups of venues, such as “Good for Groups” or “Cocktail Hotspots”, to further help guide them. We’re thrilled that others in the industry have followed our lead and moved to adopt this feature in their apps. Making the discovery and reservation process simpler and easier helps set guests up for a great experience at just the right restaurant.

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Reserve’s venue groups have helped diners discover great restaurants since December 2015.

Leading restaurant mobile payment

Since 2014 our seamless payment feature, Pay with Reserve, has been popular with guests (and our “Check is Paid” card is a hit on social media). Increasingly, diners feel that pulling out their wallet or fighting over the check can be an unpleasant way to end an evening and are excited to have an alternative. The National Restaurant Association reports that for consumer ages 18-34, the number of people who said they would pay restaurant or bar tabs via smartphone app if it were offered rose from 37% in 2014 to 46% in 2015. And the trend is picking up steam. According to market forecasts from eMarketer, the total value of mobile payment transactions in the U.S. will rise 210% in 2016. Reserve is also the only service that lets you split the check for your reservation before you even walk through the door. This capability, which was added in July of last year, was the most requested functionality by diners and our restaurant partners.

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With Reserve, diners can split the check before they even walk through the door.

The restaurant reservations and mobile payment space is vibrant and growing. Diners want an integrated, seamless experience when they go out to eat, and with Reserve all the functionality they want is packaged into one beautiful app that they can use for every reservation. We’re excited to have hit this milestone and even more excited to keep expanding our network — bringing an easier reservation and payment experience to more guests and more restaurants in 2016.

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