Since 1987, Restaurant Manager (RM) continues to design point of sale software for the food service industry. RM specializes in POS solutions for full-service restaurants, nightclubs and bars, pizza and delivery, quick-service restaurants, and chain operations.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant POS System

With a POS system from Restaurant Manager you get an all-in-one business management platform — perfect for restaurants of all sizes.

Servers turn tables faster: lower wait times with easy check and item splitting. The Restaurant POS System maximizes your revenue by instantly adding an item from any POS workstation allowing for more accurate reporting and better insight to which specials to repeat.


Restaurant POS Features

  • Table Management: Accurately manage projected wait times and organize overall seating management with RM Wait List.
  • POS Reporting: Get information on voids, staff productivity, which menu items are performing well and a wide variety of other important operational information.
  • Inventory Management: Eliminate theft and waste with a powerful and robust inventory control module.
  • Split Check: Streamlined split check makes it easy to accommodate customers.
  • Back Office Reporting: Robust reporting helps you make smart data-driven business decisions.

Pay-at-the-Table and Tableside Ordering

A combination of state-of-the-art hardware with a simple and intuitive software, Restaurant Manager’s SkyTab solution provides a guest facing pay-at-the-table (PATT) experience for your restaurant. From PATT to tableside reordering to customer engagement, SkyTab provides the tools you need to boost your bottom line and make your restaurant customers happy.

Mobilize Your Waitstaff

Mobile POS solutions allow servers to spend 100% of their time on the restaurant floor instead of waiting on line at a POS station to re-enter an order they’ve already jotted down. When you mobilize your servers with RM Handheld or RM Tablet they can quickly help increase your revenue and cut costs.

Quick-Service POS System

Restaurant Manager’s quick service POS gives you the tools you need to serve customers faster and manage your business more effectively.


Quick-Service POS Features

  • Customer Loyalty: Increase revenues and generate more repeat business. Combine loyalty programs with powerful promotion and coupon capabilities to target specific customers
  • POS Reporting: Get information on voids or deletions and automate the end of day (EOD) process while accessing your reports from anywhere via an internet browser
  • Advance Orders: Have pick up or delivery orders ready when the customer arrives
  • Price Scheduling: Automatically calculate the right price for combo meals

Self-Serve Kiosks

Let customers place their orders with a self-serve kiosk. RM Kiosk is fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager quick-service POS system making it easy to use and manage. Seamlessly alert runners, servers, bartenders and the kitchen when a customer places an order, ensuring orders are managed and guests are served promptly.

  • Speed Service: Allow guests to view your menu, select items, and place their order themselves
  • Increase Average Checks: Enticing pictures, descriptions, and prompts encourage guests to order more

Bar and Nightclub POS System

Restaurant Manager’s bar and nightclub POS System keeps the crowd happy and drinks flowing — which drives your bottom line.

RM’s bar POS system delivers the speed customers expect, the features bartenders want, and the security you need for your bar or nightclub.

  • Inventory Control: Eliminate theft and waste by bar or club staff while understanding consumption patterns with a powerful and robust inventory control module
  • Management Reporting: Automate the end of day (EOD) process and access reports from anywhere via a Web browser or one of our mobility products and services
  • Instant Pre-Auths: Ensure payment with one swipe instant pre-authorizations for opening bar tabs
  • Age Verification: Protect servers and bartenders from serving underage customers
  • Price Scheduling: Run happy hour promotions or app specials with no hassle
  • Liquor Control: Track alcohol transactions to ensure every drink that crosses the bar is paid for

Pizza and Delivery POS System

If your restaurant specializes in pizza and door-to-door delivery you need a POS system that can keep up with your fast-paced business.

The Restaurant Manager pizza POS and delivery systems let you quickly serve customers, manage special orders, and get orders out the door for speedy delivery.

POS Features

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive screens that are tailored to prompt staff through specific tasks quickly and accurately
  • Smart Reporting: Robust reporting package provides real-time sales metrics, delivery sales and a host of other sales-related data, allowing you to spend more time running your business
  • Print or Display for Food Prep: Make fewer kitchen errors and improve customer satisfaction with features such as “updated item” banner alerts and displaying the quantity for modifiers
  • Order Tracking: Instantly identifies all orders that aren’t prepared and out the door within a specific amount of time
  • Advance Ordering: Store an order and automatically send it to the food prep area to guarantee timely delivery
  • Inventory Management: Create receipts that link to inventory items to menu items; track exact item quantity sold by customer count or by day
  • Integrated Online Ordering: Keep your business open 24×7 by allowing customers to place advance orders and generate additional orders and revenue without adding labor costs
  • Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty programs are a great way for pizza, delivery and carry-out establishments to increase revenues and generate more repeat business

Coffee Shop POS System

Restaurant Manager’s comprehensive coffee shop POS system helps you increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve efficiencies. It focuses on critical business issues facing today’s coffee shop owner.

  • Intuitive User Interface: New employees can easily get up-to-speed, which is important in this high-labor turnover industry
  • Fast and Friendly Order Taking: Multi-column modifiers allow team members to conversationally interact with the guest when entering drink instructions and other modifiers
  • Real-time Sales Results: Find out your most profitable and popular menu items with detailed reporting, including the days and times that bring in the most revenue
  • Customizable POS screens: Adding two espresso shots to a drink is as easy as a click! New icons, buttons, fonts and colors eliminate unnecessary screens, making navigation intuitive
  • Inventory Management: Track everything you use and sell, down to the last tea bag. Comprehensive or simple management of inventory resources

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Restaurant Manager Reviews Summary

Restaurant Manager (RM) is a leading provider of traditional touchscreen point of sale systems and cloud-based tablet POS. Since 1987, Restaurant Manager continues to provide business owners with turnkey restaurant software solutions.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Caller ID integration
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Delivery management
  • Employee management and labor reports
  • Integrated online ordering (no need for a dedicated tablet for online orders)
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Item modifiers
  • POS reports and analytics (customer reports and presets)
  • Purchase order creation
  • Real-time inventory management and raw goods tracking
  • Remote access
  • Split checks by items or dollar amount
  • Table management and reservations
  • Tableside ordering and pay-at-the-table devices
  • Third-party integration to several business applications
  • Tip adjustments (gratuity)
  • Tip pooling
  • Vendor management
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