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Restauteurs have been relying on POS technology to integrate back-office and front-end functions. Take a look at these success stories around POS implementations.


POS Software Drives Mobile Purchases at Brewery – The owner of Bocktown Beer and Grill in Pennsylvania is an innovator. Mobile and social media marketing are just two focuses that make her a first-in early adopter of restaurant technology. The popular eatery uses a POS backend solution connected to food server terminals throughout the dining areas, and a barcode system to monitor beverage sales. But the real innovative feature is how she connects to customers through the POS mobile functionality.

Lunch-only Restaurant Finds a Real Service Provider in POS Vendor – Clara’s Tidbits knew it needed a robust POS system to keep it’s lunch crowd moving and be able to link to the backend accounting software. The POS Prophet Systems’ POS Express platform brought more than a workable solution; Clara’s was seeking a true service provider. And it found one.

Country Club Able to Combine Restaurant and Course Purchases With POS System – A country club near Chicago had a challenge: how could it combine purchases made on the golf course with a member loyalty program hosted by its full-service restaurant? It found the solution in a wireless network installed on the golf course that would take follow beverage carts and integration with the pro shop and dining room. Now, management can track POS purchasing activity throughout the county club and apply various purchases to its member loyalty program.

Comedy Lounge Expands With the Help of POS Solution – Dave Sinker, owner of the Comedy Shrine in Chicago, was looking for a POS system that would enable a single view of customer activity within its theaters, museum, lounge and future retail store. Based upon a recommendation from POS Partners, the solution that pulled together online and offline box office as well as bar and food sales, and allowed scalability to add retail. Inventory is easier to manage and service efficiency has improved.

Gluten-free Pizza Store Leverages Barcodes to Expand Product Line – Sufferers of Celiac Disease know too well the challenge of finding tasty gluten-free pizzas. Jeanine and Tom Morgan looked to answer that challenge when they opened 7 Sisters Gluten-Free Pizza. But the more varieties they came up with, the less control they had over inventory. Until they found a solution that improved inventory management significantly.

Etab Certifies Epson POS Printers for Hospitality Use – One of the leading providers of self-service ordering applications certified three Epson printers for use with its restaurant POS platform. The printers have shown they function effectively within the e½tab web, mobile and in-store applications. E½tab president Jeff Stein said, ” Our joint solution with Epson enables [us] to prepare orders more quickly, more accurately and more efficiently than ever before.”

Canada’s Largest Casual Dining Chain Offers Loyalty Program With the Help of Paytronix – Boston Pizza rolled out its new loyalty program, MyBP, with the help of the Paytronix Rewards platform. Targeting the 40 million guests that dine at 350 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, the program was deployed using the POS Paytronix loyalty, gift, comp and email platform, which also included the Paytronix REST integration, which enables Boston Pizza to incorporate mobile apps and social media experiences into its loyalty program. 

POS Vendors Help Restaurants Access Capital – Point-of-sale vendors have been looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. While POS solution providers have been viewed by restaurants as a commodity service, some are helping their customers access capital to continue and improve operations. A CAN Capital survey revealed that 65 percent of small business owners said that accessing capital is “quite” or “extremely challenging”. POS data can confirm transaction size, revenues, business performance, sales flow and other financial characteristics, which helps fulfill lending criteria.

First Brazil KFC Deploys NCR Point-of-Sale Solutions – A world leader in consumer transaction technology partnered with KFC to break new ground in Brazil. The first corporate-owned KFC in Brazil opened with NCR’s digital signage and POS stations, which feature a guest-facing screen. On the back end, the NCR platform helps Yum! Brands, KFC’s parent company, identify trends and optimize store performance.

Popular Pizza Chain Finds End-to-end POS Solution After 50 Years in Business – Gino’s Eats was searching for a POS solution that would optimize dining order processes, reduce employee errors, track inventory and use customer data effectively. Until recently, management had been handling these tasks manually, which was neither cost-effective nor a realistic option to handle the Chicago-based restaurant chain’s stellar growth. A new restaurant POS system would have to be cost-effective and seamlessly transition into the restaurant’s current environment.

Smart Printers Enable Mobile Ordering Directly to Kitchen – The solution enables guest food orders to be routed directly from any smartphone or web-enabled device to the kitchen for immediate order processing. When the order is received, an Epson OmniLink printer generates the order slip. Guests pay directly from the application, where credit payments can be processed through the POS system or independently through a payment portal.

Mobile Festival Food Vendor Connects Data From Concessions Trucks With iPad Mobile POS Solution – Juicys food vending business has become a regular attraction at county fairs and festivals. It’s Outlaw Grill, “the world’s largest mobile grill trailer”, travels around the U.S., feeding hungry fair goers. Juicys needed a single-view POS system that would allow management to track vital information from its fleet of concessions trucks. Revel System’s iPad mobile POS solution was selected to do the job. The iOS-based point-of-sale solution was able to provide payroll, inventory tracking, and customer relations from each truck in its fleet.

Hospitality Businesses Face Security Challenge – The hospitality industry, like other customer-facing verticals, faces the challenge of protecting customer information. Most hotels, restaurants, bars and other hospitality vendors operate with legacy POS systems with antiquated or ineffective security protocols. Microsoft developed the Plug and Play (PnP) specification to address the challenge of upgrading POS security. Which POS payment gateway developed an encrypted swipe device for hospitality companies?

Six Ways to Improve Restaurant Performance With the Help of Your POS System – If you think the point-of-sale system you run in your restaurant is good for only payment processing or inventory management, think again. There are several areas that can be optimized to improve sales and reduce costs by analyzing the data collected through your POS solution. Find out which opportunities are passing you by.

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